Amelia’s Magazine | Tent London 2013 Preview: Best of Tent London 2012

Tent London Oct 2012
It comes on hard after London Fashion Week, but I always make sure to get along to Tent London at the Truman Brewery: for this huge and sprawling exhibition is a great place to find the best in design, from homeware and lighting to furniture, wall art, rugs and beyond. Even though I have run individual blogs on some of my favourite discoveries I was most remiss in writing up our usual review last year, so as the 2013 edition rolls around I bring you a further selection of the best things I found in 2012. Make sure you check out my listing for more details of this year’s event.

Tent London Oct 2012 Jon Male
Upcycled lights by Studio Jon Male.

Tent London Oct 2012-tamasyn gambell
Cushions by Tamasyn Gambell.

Tent London Oct 2012-rug
Tent London Oct 2012-lights
Fab rug and lights, not sure by whom!

Tent London Oct 2012-Anthony Hartley
Furniture by Anthony Hartley. Read my interview here.

Tent London Oct 2012- Zoe Murphy
Cushions by Zoe Murphy.

Tent London Oct 2012-wallpaper by Rachel Powell
Wallpaper by Rachel Powell.

Tent London Oct 2012-beautiful wooden object
Sadly I don’t have any information for this beautiful wooden object, but I think it could be used as a decorative wall hanging or as a pot mat in the kitchen.

Tent London Oct 2012-Claire Anne O'Brien
Knitted furniture by Claire Anne O’Brien.

Tent London Oct 2012-venus by cupertino
Scott Eaton‘s Venus of Cupertino ipad docking stations.

Tent London Oct 2012-Laszlo Tompa
Sculptural wooden furniture by Laszlo Tompa. Read our interview here.

Tent London Oct 2012-Réka Molnár, Moringa, Hungarian
Heat sensitive mug designs by Hungarian designer Réka Molnár of Moringa.

Tent London Oct 2012-Magnetic rings by Grace Hancock
Magnetic rings by Grace Hancock.

Tent London Oct 2012-Front rug monster
Front rugs: monster.

Tent London Oct 2012-Ginger and Jagger
Stools by Ginger & Jagger.

Tent London Oct 2012-CYMK lamp by Dennis Parren
CYMK lamp by Dennis Parren.

Tent London Oct 2012-Candlesticks by Victoria Delaney
Candlesticks by Victoria Delaney.

Tent London Oct 2012-Architectural miniature by Chisel and Mouse
Architectural miniature by Chisel and Mouse.

Tent London Oct 2012-Milena Kovanovic
Necklace by Milena Kovanovic. Read my interview here.

Tent London Oct 2012-Lars Beller Fjetland for Discipline
Wooden birds by Lars Beller Fjetland for Discipline.

I wonder who I will discover this year? Make sure you follow me on instagram to share in my favourite finds first.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Christmas Gift Ideas 2012: Best Design Gifts For Men

Bianca Green in love with iphone cover
In Love With iphone cover by Bianca Green.

Most men love a bit of gadget based frippery, and there is an almost endless choice of iphone decor out there. Amidst the huge amount of guff on Society6 (it’s surprising how few things work when just plonked on, say, a hoodie), there are some gems, shown here for your delection…

fimbis iphone cover geometric glow
This neon abstract Geometric Glow is by Fimbis.

Ewan Arnolda vintage camera iphone case
The fake vintage camera is a perennially good look – particularly fun if you are into self portraits as the cover design will register in the mirror! By Ewan Arnold.

kate hasted iphone cover japanese flower
I think the most unusual has to be this iphone cover by textile designer Kate Hasted, inspired by Japanese flowers.

GlyphicBlack_Phone Pop vinyl iphone backs
For iphone 5 users why not take a look at these new vinyl backs with bold optical designs by Phone Pop?

Glove & Hate Oven Gloves, Stuart Gardiner
If the man you are buying for loves cooking why not surprise him with these fab Glove and Hate oven gloves? They come complete with hairy wrists and chunky gold bracelet: by Stuart Gardiner at Howkapow?

And those who like camping: what about this Kuksa outdoor wooden cup of traditional Sami design, available on new website The Brokedown Palace. A great place to find the perfect present for those who love the great outdoors.

derek shop notebooks
Does your man love nice stationery? I adore these illustrated notebooks (including one by contributor Lorna Scobie) from Dereks Shop.

soma gallery bike parts notebook
Or if your man is a bike lover, how about this Bike Parts notebook, by Luke James for Noodoll, available on Soma Gallery.

2013 wall planner calendar
This fab 2013 Wall Planner is from Present and Correct, the most fantastic website for all graphic design and stationery buffs.

office in a christmas cracker present correct
They also do an ‘Office in a Christmas Cracker‘ which is beautifully put together.

retro pop calendar present correct
And to sit on the table, a vintage rolling plastic calendar.

craig yamey hans_downe plush
Does he like collectibles? If so how about this fantastic plush toy by Craig Yamey for Constructive Studio? Hans Downe is part of the limited edition Yam Kids range: strange creatures all.

printstagram calendar
On a more personalised tangent – if you’ve got the time and you’re a social media nut nut like myself, why not make an instagram calendar with printstagram? If you don’t have time to edit you can just stream the photos off your phone and bung them all in!

seven gauge studios lambswool scarf
Moving on to clothing: I adore this lambswool scarf by Seven Gauge Studios on Two Red Trees.

Stonemen mens briefs rob yelling horses
Or if you prefer something with a bit more humour – how about these brilliant boxer shorts with wild horses stampeding all over them? By Rob Yelling for Stonemen.

This beautiful handmade Skinny Rhodesia leather belt is by M.Hulot and it is available on Dereks Shop.

Niza Huang PETROLEUM cufflinks
For jewellery I am particularly taken by Niza Huang‘s petroleum cufflinks – inspired by the preciousness of ‘black gold‘.

Lars Beller Fjetland wood penguin
As far as beautiful objects go, I love these re-turned wooden birds created from scrap wood by Finnish designer Lars-Beller Fjetland on The Lollipop Shoppe.

Maybe he remembers the Moomins? Then this birch ply family by Lovi on Hus and Hem is just the ticket.

Garudio Studiage flat pet pug
Does your man hanker after a pet? If he’s as dotty for pugs as mine then he’ll love this festive specimen bearing Christmas antlers by Garudio Studiage.

reindeer head by armstrong ward
Or he might prefer this ace felted reindeer head by Armstrong Ward on Not on the High Street.

mozaa game
Finally – if he’s into games how about Mozaa, a colourful combination of puzzle and mosaic, bound to be loved by all design fiends.

dice for change
And in 2013 maybe he’ll fancy playing with his Dice for Change: featuring beautifully designed pictograms to inspire daily random acts of kindness.

More to come :)

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