Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2012 Jewellery Graduates and One Year On

New Designers part one 2012 -Cassandra Pittaway
Sadly I was unable to make it to the main stands showcasing the graduate jewellery collections (Snarfle got fed up and we had to leave) but I did manage to find a few gems (hur hur) amongst the craft displays, and there were plenty of jewellers displaying their new work in the One Year On section. Here’s what I found…

New Designers part one 2012 -Cassandra Pittaway
Ceramic and metal neckpieces by Cassandra Pittaway were inspired by cars and fairgrounds. Loved those big bold shapes and colours… reminiscent of automobile style designs in Prada’s S/S 2012 collection.

New Designers part one 2012 -Hannah May Chapman
Intriguing crochet jewellery by Hannah May Chapman echoed body parts and coral forms.

New Designers part one 2012 -Mayra Cunningham
At Kensington and Chelsea College I was drawn towards enamelled acorn jewellery by Mayra Cunningham.

New Designers part one 2012 -Filipa Oliveira
New Designers part one 2012 -Filipa Oliveira
In the One Year On section a host of jewellery designers were displaying their latest designs. Bee inspiration is big in design, as seen in these honeycomb filigree designs by Filipa Oliveira.

New Designers part one 2012 -Nicola Crawford
One for typography lovers: decorative balls by Nicola Crawford revealed a seething mass of letters on closer inspection.

New Designers part one 2012 -Harriet Knightley
Harriet Knightley‘s colourful anodised rings were inspired by 60s colours and shapes.

New Designers part one 2012 -Amy Logan Jewellery
Deceptively delicate designs by Amy Logan Jewellery are inspired by the drawn line.

New Designers part one 2012 -Alexandra Tosto
Alexandra Tosto‘s colourful hexagon pipes make appealing pendants, part of the Honeycomb Dream Collection.

New Designers part one 2012 -Kate Gilliland
New Designers part one 2012 -Kate Gilliland
Kate Gilliland‘s dead animals make curiously beautiful jewellery, especially tiny jaw and spine earrings.

Next: best picks from New Designers 2012 part two: including illustration and product design.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Graduate Fashion Week 2010: Kensington and Chelsea College Millinery

Illustration by Dan Heffer, hospital for sale Hat by Angela Bruce; The Hedgerow Collection

I’m not sure if it’s the wedding’s I’ve been too recently or the press attention regarding ladies hats at certain summer races (hello Ascot) or whether it’s as simple as the sun being out, there but recently I’ve been paying more attention to headwear. Therefore it was a great pleasure to be invited to Kensington and Chelsea College’s End of Year Millinery exhibition.

Who could resist Anna Pulleyn’s Forgotten Garden Collection?

Illustration by Krister Selin

Illustration by Lauren Macaulay

The quality of the work on display was unmistakable and the sculptural and innovative shapes a joy to look at. Each Milliner created a story around their final collection, erectile the materials used were inspired by Japanese textile techniques, mechanics and traditional stories; for example Rachel Fallon’s take on Alice in Wonderland.

Illustration by Rachael Price

Hannah-Kates Morgan’s Narcissism collection, revisited another classic text; the greek tragedy of Narcissus.

Beth Simpson’s collection was inspired by the collection of the Marchesa Casati. Beth describes the collection’s muse as “extravagant, eccentric and bizarre, who for the first three decades of the 20th Century astounded Europe.”

Kate Underdown’s collection was inspired by medical specimens and the anatomical drawings by the Victorians sourced from the Hunerian and Grant Museums of Medicine.

Illustration by Charlotte Gibson

Illustration by Charlotte Gibson

Elaine Lax’s wonderful Mechanical Movement collection created from the building blocks of machinery, that is required to keep our way of life moving.

Congratulations to all the students for a wonderful show and to Kate Underdown, Awon Golding, Rebecca Coffee, Angela Bruce, Ellen Bowden, and Mandy McGregor whose hats were selected to be exhibited at Fenwicks.

Photographs by Sally Mumby-Croft

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2013 Ceramics and Craft: The Best Graduate Designers

Charlotte Mary Pack - critically endangered mammal in porcelain
New Designers part one plays host to large number of crafts and ceramics graduates: here’s the ones that caught my eye, starting with the work of Charlotte Mary Pack of Central Saint Martins. She grew up on a farm, which inspired an early love of nature that is manifested in her stunning porcelain models of every critically endangered mammal.

Ru Raynor ceramics characters
I adored ceramic characters designed to prompt environmental awareness by Ru Raynor, who has merged her inner hippy and nerd together to create a saleable range that is inspired by her love of vinyl toys.

Kako Oya
Ceramic artist Kako Oya explored the frailties of the human condition using the body language of rabbits.

New Designers show 2013-Charlotte Stockley Midsurrey Ceramics
Charlotte Stockley‘s Midsurrey Ceramics range would sit nicely alongside all the 50s inspired interiors design I’ve seen this year; I’m not surprised to discover that she already sells in a host of shops.

upcycled teddy bear by Ginni Jones Mansueto
This upcycled teddy bear was by designer maker Ginni Jones Mansueto.

metal plates by Sophie Jones at Hereford
Sophie Jones of Hereford College of the Arts created these intriguing distorted platters, which were forged in iron before being given an eye-catching makeover with neon spray paints.

New Designers show 2013-Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes had made these rattling ceramic dolls inspired by African and South American tribal rituals – it’s not the first time I’ve seen this kind of work from artists at Hereford College but I still can’t help but be drawn to it.

New Designers show 2013-Elizabeth Hart
These incredible ceramic pots by Elizabeth Hart at Nottingham Trent University were created with the garden in mind. I love the organic textures that seem to mimic a mixture of moss, bark and barnacles: they looked incredible filled with tumbling houseplants.

New Designers show 2013-glassbirdstudio
These beautiful glass insect wall hangings are by Georgina Foster of Glass Bird Studio, created through a combination of screen printing and sandblasting.

New Designers show 2013-Richard T Roberts glass
I’ll always be a sucker for cute animals. These wonderful glass versions of popular favourites are by Richard T Roberts.

New Designers show 2013-Bethany Lanning
Bethany Lanning‘s evisceral ceramic heads were designed as a tribute to the abused of the world – her evocative use of clay slip an echo of real life stigmatisation.

New Designers show 2013-Emma Claire Whiston
From Manchester School of Art ceramicist Emma Claire Whiston created beautiful slipware bowls decorated with slices of pattern.

New Designers show 2013-Elise Menghini
Elise Menghini of Bath Spa University made this ceramic bulb design which must have been inspired by the fairground. I really liked her witty ‘business card’ – a slice of ceramic that looked like a piece of rock candy.

George Groenhuysen ceramics
Finally, I must mention the astonishing ceramics installation by George Groenhuysen, a graduate of Kensington and Chelsea College. I unfortunately did not manage to take a photo of his cabinet full of blackened earthenware so instead here’s a shot from his promotional postcard showing a fabulous teapot encrusted with skulls.

*Many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates as I find them.*

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