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Boo Forever ghost faces by Benjamin Fletcher

Boo Forever by band member Benjamin Fletcher.

Kent based band Boo, Forever are a collective who make woozy lo-fi electronica. As they get ready to support Casual Sex at the brand new Ramsgate Music Hall this Sunday, I caught up with band member Simon Norton to find out the inspiration behind Motif, the album opener which comes accompanied by hypnotic video featuring footage from the infamous bonfire celebrations in Rye.

Boo Forever monster

Simon explains: Motif is the opening song of the album and fittingly so as it’s an edited recording of the first time we ever sat in a room together to write. We just gathered around this little microphone and played with ideas; this one came out sounding cool so Daniel Addison fiddled and made nice with it.

It’s actually the only track on the album that was put together in such a way. To write and record the rest of the songs we would all just drop in on Dan when we could and lay down little bits and bobs; Dan’s studio is very much a bedroom studio and really tiny. It was magic hearing the songs take shape like this; I’d return to sing or play something and they’d be all these new elements that would in turn give me new ideas. This meant that there was this constant kind of spontaneity to it all and each songwriter could do their thing and trust in Dan to pull it all together.

We liked the idea that the first thing we recorded would be the first thing people hear, so we asked our fashion designer friend Helga daFonseca to work on a video with us for Motif. I think maybe when talking about what we were doing I might have made our process of bringing our little musical offerings to Dan sound a bit ritualistic as Helga wanted to explore rituals with the visuals. We took a train and a camera down to record the Bonfire Societies in Rye and there’s cool found footage in there too. I love it; it’s woozy like the song.

So now we are real excited for people to hear the album and to hear our live interpretation of the songs too. We have fiddled with the songs again to make them work live which has been a whole lot of fun and means they are still evolving and adapting like they were when we were writing.


Hear more from Boo, Forever here. The album is out now on Something Something Records. Buy tickets for their Sunday gig here. They play at Stepping Stone Studios in Maidstone on the 5th of April and are included on the line up for City Sound Project in Canterbury this May.

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