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New Designers show 2013-Hannah Rampley
Next up, my review of splashy abstract brights and lovely playful designs. It’s fair to say that this is a look I will always love, but there did seem to be a lot of very beautiful surface designs and printed textiles that followed this theme in 2013.

surfacedesign by Hannah Rampley at Leeds
At Leeds College of Art I wanted to gobble up these juicy fruit designs by Hannah Rampley.

New Designers show 2013-emma cook
Emma Cook worked in ceramics to create pretty textured decorative tiles.

Dinosaurs and Octopi by Hannah Bowen
New Designers show 2013-hannah bowen
Dinosaurs and Octopi populate surface patterns by Hannah Bowen. I can see her gorgeous designs working really well for children, and her playful prints also snagged her the Harlequin Award at New Designers.

Tropical Pleating from Emily Jane Fisher
I loved the tropical pleating and glittering oversized sequins in a stunning display by Emily Jane Fisher at De Montford University.

Amy Gill textiles
At Nottingham Trent I was taken by these neon floral and graphic textiles by Amy Gill.

Fun surface design by Ozlem Djafer
Fun portraiture based surface design by Ozlem Djafer at Bucks New University was based on fashion hierarchies.

abstract print by Katie Whitton at new designers
These super colourful skeins of abstract print are by Katie Whitton at Norwich University – another understandable award winner, this time from Tigerprint.

Radishes by Charlie O'Byrne
Charlie O'Byrne
A brave move to display your menswear prints on a fruit and veg stall, but I think it paid off Charlie O’Byrne! This UWE graduate interned with Louise Gray, which makes total sense since they are both lovers of all things bright and fun.

Oxana Koroviatskaia - modernist painterly brights
Oxana Koroviatskaia‘s modernist painterly brights were immensely appealing draped across the Glasgow School of Art stand.

New Designers show 2013-Emily Chapman
At London College of Communications I liked this colourful display of patterns by Emily Chapman.

printed textile design by Rosie Cook
Mock ups for graphic printed textile designs by Rosie Cook at Staffordshire University went down a storm when I posted them on instagram. Don’t forget, many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates as I find them. Read about my favourite designs that follow a strong 50s trend here.

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