Amelia’s Magazine | Now What: University of Brighton Graphic Design Ba Hons Graduate Show 2012 Review

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Jenny Moorcroft
Papercutting by Jenny Moorcroft.

The Now What exhibition at Netil House showcased graphic design alongside the illustration graduates, and also hosted a panel discussion about the state of creativity today. Their show brochure was the most interesting one I have yet seen, combining beautiful design with interesting writing: Mia Warner interviewed a traditional sign writer, Sarah Julia Clark writes about sexualisation in music videos and Hannah Bingham talks about the role of designers in society. As a whole the exhibition blurred the boundaries of design, with graphic designers and illustrators alike applying their creativity to multiple areas, a welcome trend in the shows which spurred some interesting comments in Creative Review about the kind of work that gets attention from journalists. For my part: I write about anything that catches my eye, and will confess that it does have to be a fairly immediate response as I just don’t have time to spend browsing through lots of work. So a bold and imaginative display is a must… students, it’s your time to shine! Here then were my favourites:

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Sam Dagger
Sam Dagger‘s stark monochrome editorial pages, titled Colonialism.

Now what university of Brighton 2012
Summer bright colours, metallic sweeps and abstracted type by Chloe Hannah Taylor.

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Kathryn Cross

Painted cubes that rotate on doweling rods by Kathryn Cross, an intriguing 3D representation of Chatroulette, the infamous ‘dating’ site. ‘It aims to replicate and intensify the uneasy feelings experienced when being viewed by an online stranger. The images of four male users encountered on the site have been pixelated and applied to rotating wooden ‘pixels’.‘ By pixelizing the faces they are not evident close up but become apparent when viewed from afar – as seen in the video on her website.

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Liv Taylor
Liv Taylor specialises in publication design – and her carefully laid out pages would not look out of place in a high end fashion magazine.

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Jenny Moorcroft
Intricate paper cutting by Jenny Moorcroft took on a three dimensional quality in beautiful photographs and in stacking cubes.

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -May Burilova
Lovely letterpress from May Burilova.

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Matt Chandler
Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler had fun with candy colours and screenprinting to create a vinyl record sleeve inspired display.

Now what university of Brighton 2012 -Mia Warner
Adore hand written type by Mia Warner, who is following in the grand tradition of sign writing, though her sentiments may be somewhat menacing.

Don’t forget to check in with my write up of the Brighton illustration graduates, and click here to read my review of 2011′s graphic design show.

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