Amelia’s Magazine | An interview with Nanna Prieler: Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion featured artist.

NANNA Prieler - man vs crab
I discovered Nanna Prieler‘s work on instagram and invited her to submit her work for Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion. I’m so glad she took me up on the offer, contributing the engaging Creative Life in her unique style.

Nanna Prieler portrait
Where are you from and where do you live now?
Originally I’m from a small village in the South of Austria. I left my home very early, so that I could attend an art school in Graz, one of the bigger towns in Austria. After my graduation I started working as a graphic designer for several agencies in Vienna. But it was not enough to fulfill me. After a busy day of 8 hours working as a graphic designer, I tirelessy developed my illustrative style. Finally in 2014 I decided to found my own illustration business in my current hometown Vienna. Now I’m very happy that I made this big step.

NANNA Prieler - strangers in the park
Who do you work for and how do you set about finding work?
I’m working for national and international clients in different fields. Fortunately I don’t have to search for work, at the moment. The projects are coming by themselves. But it hasn’t always been like this: I’ve worked a lot and tried to use the internet to spread my work all over the world. I will keep on working hard in the future, but always with a lot of passion. I really love to work as an illustrator and can’t imagine living another life.

NANNA Prieler - Horse dressed as butterfly
I hear you’ve got a children’s book on the way – can you give us a brief glimpse inside?
Yes, at the moment I’m working on a new children’s book called „Ganz schön super“ (in German), which will be published in Spring 2016. That’s quite exciting! Each book is a new challenge. Especially this one because it is a lot of work; I have written and illustrated it myself. The main character is a little cat, which meets a lot of other animals. In short it’s a book about tolerance and acceptance, of course told in a funny way.

NANNA Prieler - travel memories Norway
Where do you find inspiration?
At the beginning I was inspired by amazing illustrators like Blexbolex. He was my first hero in illustration and still gives me so much motivation. Now I’m using instagram and other social media platforms to discover the current flow of illustration. But my favourite source of inspiration is nature, I love drawing outside. There is so much beauty everywhere around, I could draw for hours and never get bored.

NANNA Prieler - Horoscope cancer
How do you put your illustrations together?
My work is a mix of the handmade and digital. For me the sketch is the start and it is the most important part of an illustration. In the next step, it gets scanned and I go over it with the path tool in Photoshop. There I can paste in my typical structure as well. Working with the computer is perfect to try a lot of different colour combinations.

NANNA Prieler - Colouring Book Preview
Can you tell us about the title of your double page and what it means?
The title of my artwork is Creative Life. It’s a composition of an artistic mind’s world.
Living together – creating and inspiring each other. Working on this project was a lot of fun, hopefully that’s noticeable in the illustration.

NANNA Prieler - raspberry
How would you describe your studio space and routine?
My cozy little flat in Vienna is also used as my studio. Working from home is a great opportunity to wear pyjamas during the day! There is no exact daily routine. The work is quite different, that’s the thing I love about being an illustrator. Generally it’s a mix of illustration work, social media, interviews and unfortunately a little bit of bookkeeping as well…

NANNA Prieler - kids
What else do you like to do in your spare time to relax?
I enjoy the amazing peace of nature, as often as possible. Cooking over an open fire, sleeping in a tent and drawing in northern woods – that’s my favorite pastime. In Vienna I try to relax myself with preparing extravagant meals with ingredients in rainbow colors.

NANNA Prieler - Animal pattern
What motto do you live by?
Try to do everything – however small it may be – with love and passion. For me that’s the simple secret for a happy life.

Follow Nanna Prieler on instagram here. She is featured in Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion alongside over 40 other international artists, funding for just 8 more hours on Kickstarter today.

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