Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Art & Design Show 2013: Middlesex University Illustration & Graphic Design Review

Yellow duster art by Katie Glover
I was only drawn to a handful of artists from the Middlesex University illustration degree course this year, and one stand out graphic designer. Unfortunately, despite their name, the Communication Arts do not seem to have a website displaying their wares as they did last year (click here for a link in last year’s review), only this meagre showcase on the main university website. Hence it’s been impossible to track down any web presence for a few of the illustrators that I liked. I did try, honest!

Step one- How to Make a Bonsai Kitten by Katie Glover-Price
Step two- How to Make a Bonsai Kitten by Katie Glover-Price
Step three- How to Make a Bonsai Kitten by Katie Glover-Price
Combining unusual materials (embroidery on a traditional yellow duster) and a unique outlook on the world (A Step-to-Step Guide on How to Make a Bonsai Kitten), Katie Glover-Price had put together a very strong display of beautiful illustrations.

Super clever Papercut artwork with backlit animation by Amber Cooper-Davies
An installation featuring super clever papercut artwork with backlit animation had been put together by Amber Cooper-Davies, but sadly the website given on her business cards doesn’t work (frequent readers of these graduate show reports will know that this is a major bug bear) – instead hunt her down on her blog.

Greta Mikalauskaite- neon building interior
Greta Mikalauskaite‘s neon building interior gives a taste of her (often cheeky) brightly coloured style, showcased on her simple but effective tumblr here.

Alex Foster
Large scale book of buildings & figures by Alex Foster
These intricate landscapes from Alex Foster remind one of my instagram followers of Lowry, which is no bad thing. I love intricate artworks such as these, full of buildings and figures to discover, and I imagine he could make some brilliant children’s books. Alex also runs an illustrated t-shirt brand called Get Better Clothing.

Eye catching black line illustration by Fernanda Alonso
Fernanda Alonso‘s narrative wall mural was an eye-catching feature piece to showcase her textured print work in simple black on white.

Genevieve Melaugh
I’m always a sucker for good wall displays, and I love these evocative mono prints for a book titled The Quincunx by Genevieve Melaugh.

Curious character middlesex
I also really liked this curious illustrated creature – if he’s your responsibility let me know!

Plank #snowboarding magazine by graphic designer Jennifer Schauerte
Leitnhax by graphic designer Jennifer Schauerte
Jennifer Schauerte shred magazine
Finally, work by graphic designer Jennifer Schauerte stood out by miles. I got the impression that she’s been working professionally for some time, and the theme of her degree work is obviously close to her heart: snowboarding. On display were copies of multiple magazines, including Plank: a mountain guide for skibums, and Shred Magazine for snowboarders. I love her simple but effective use of collage, geometry, photography, still lives and typography, merging different techniques seamlessly across pages to create a pleasing flow to the design. This is what a really good graphic designer does well.

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