Amelia’s Magazine | London Fashion Week AW 2010: Fashion East Menswear Installations


If coping with sashaying around London Fashion Week’s Menswear Day from show to show wasn’t enough, try there was also the incredible Fashion East Menswear installations, more about which never fail to impress.

It’s great to see some previous Fashion East designers progressing to catwalk shows, approved which no doubt most of these will too.

Here’s a (very brief) round-up of what we saw yesterday…

Lou Dalton
We’ve been a fan of Lou Dalton for a while now, and her show last season was a nautical treat. She’s a designer for the young, hip kind – a category I sadly don’t fall into but still have a huge appreciation for her skillz.




This time around, Lou moves into checks and even more knitwear, whilst still retaining that modern-tailoring-with-classic-British influence. She’d clearly instructed her models to do their best blue-steel too, which made for good photographs…


Florian is, apparently, a jewellery designer. I did see some racks of jewellery, briefly, but I failed to look at it as I was mesmerized by this strange creature (read: poor young bemused model who had to wear fake tusks on his arms for four hours, changing poses when anybody entered the room).


Matthew Miller
Fantastic tailoring suitable for the sartorial dresser. Great styling in the room, too – made up a heap of good-looking man-about-town types chatting away. What larks.



Mr Hare
Very, very nice shoes. That is all.



Martine Rose
Bit of an odd set-up here, with live models playing Nintendo hand-held consoles (I’m sure they have a real name, but I’m damned if I know what they’re called). Very little fashion, but what I did see – tailored shirts featuring patches of contrasting colours – were fun and wearable.



Sibling invited us to delve into the world of zombies and other horror-related imagery with the launch of their spooky collection. A rather charming film that made use of 1950-60s b-movie style horror movie imagery and graphics played in the background. There collection consisted of intricate knitwear which used bright and neon colours and playful graphics. By far one of the best installations in the building!




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