Amelia’s Magazine | Johanna Basford presents Johanna’s Christmas: Giveaway and Interview Exclusive!

The latest adult colouring book by the phenomenonal Johanna Basford is released this week, a crafty Christmas colouring book designed to be used in multiple ways. As Johanna herself is fond of saying “I make colouring books so you can make masterpieces!” Colouring has moved out of books and spread through the crafting community, and Johanna perfectly captures this moment with a book of one sided images on perforated pages that can easily be removed to share as Christmas cards, decorations, gift tags… or whatever you dream of doing. “Johanna’s Christmas: A Festive Colouring Book (Colouring Books)” is chock full of traditional Christmas imagery such as deer, festive birds, trees, presents, gingerbread, sleighs, bells, baubles, stockings, curlicues and a series of hidden robins. Expect a mix of evocative narrative scenes, her signature mirror images and more of her ribbon designs, where decorative elements stretch across the page. Johanna’s Christmas is a book sure to engage fans old and new, and best of all, I have THREE copies to give away so hop on over to my Facebook Page HERE and leave a comment telling me what you love most about Christmas time to be in with a chance to win… better still, the giveaway is OPEN WORLDWIDE, so if you live outside the UK this is your chance to get the book with a gold foiled cover! Now read on for my exclusive interview, in which we also discuss her last release Magical Jungle.

The winners of Johanna’s polar bear Christmas colouring competition: Sydney, Sarah P, Kocialka, Jenny and Chiblla. Read why Johanna chose these versions of her polar bear here.

Johanna’s Christmas. Colourist: Amelia

How did you choose your top colourists to receive advance copies of your new book?
They were all Colourists who’s work had caught my eye on social media or on my colouring gallery (or I watch their YouTube channels!). I liked the fact that instead of trying to woo traditional journalists or book reviewers, we were getting the books straight into the hands of colourists so they could start making some masterpieces!

What are your favourite coloured pages, and why?
Literally far too many to choose from! It’s like asking a mother which of her children is her favourite! I think the great thing about colouring is that you never see the same image twice and that every colourist brings something completely new to the black and white drawings. Having said that, I’m always partial to a stunning background technique. Those people that do the ‘starry night sky’ effect will never fail to amaze me!

American cover.

UK cover.

You create an incredible amount of pages for each new book – do you ever find yourself getting bored of drawing a particular object, and if so, how do you make it exciting?
I genuinely never get bored of drawing! Admin? Yes. Digital updates? Yes. Drawing? Never! I think nature is an amazing, unlimited melting pot of inspiration and although every jungle is leafy, no 2 leaves are the same! I spent hours pouring over foliage reference books and sweating it out in the Botanical Garden hot houses admiring every type of leaf and vine you can imagine – there was not shortage of inspiration!

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Vicki Walsh

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Susie Pala-Loir

How did you source the specialist paper used in Magical Jungle and Johanna’s Christmas?
I worked with the Penguin US team to find a paper that was the perfect weight, texture, tooth and colour for my books. After rejecting many, many samples, we worked with a paper manufacturer to make my very own paper that matched my ideal specifications perfectly. Think of it as paper couture! It was a huge honour to have this opportunity to get THAT geeky about paper. We then used the spec of this paper as the benchmark for all my foreign publishers, which in this instance includes the UK, to match their paper to. There will always be slight difference and nuances between paper stocks, (it is after all a product of nature and no 2 trees are the same!) but we aim to create consistant, beautiful books across the world that offer colourists the finest papers on which to make their masterpieces and develop their creative practice.

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Morena Vajak

How much have you listened to colourists in the making of Magical Jungle? Everyone seems to be very happy about the fact that the images don’t go into the spine, for example. 
A LOT. This is a partnership, a collaboration. If one half of the require need certain things in order to make the best final outcome, then it’s up to me to supply them with what they need. I’m very active on social media and value my place in our colouring community, it would be entirely odd to be in this space, communicating with colourists and not take notice of what they say! It’s a privilege to have this job and as I always say, I make books so Colourists can make masterpieces!

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Maureen Langham

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Lucy Fyles

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Kerri Taylor

Roughly how many hours went into Magical Jungle?
Heaps! A book takes me about 5 months to draw, then another few months in production with the publisher. I also have a few months at the start to mull over ideas and research. The reality is I never stop thinking about a book when I’m in the midst of creating it, I even dream about my books!

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Hazel Smithies

What has the reception been like at your book signings? You have any particular events jumped out at you? (do you recognise the names of any of the colourists that you meet for example?)
Book signings are always lovely as it’s a chance to meet the people behind the profile pics! I spend so long interacting with the colouring community online that it a real treat to finally say hello and give them a hug in person! And yes, there’s been a few that I’ve known online for some time now that travelled huge distances to come along to the events, it’s very humbling and also very special to finally get a selfie with them!

Magical Jungle. Colourist: Amanda Pinchbeck

As you create more colouring books have you found yourself getting more into the act of colouring itself? There seems to be quite a demand for your tutorials!
Yes. Initially I was hesitant to share my colouring as I felt my role was to create the artwork, not colour it. I’ve always enjoyed working in coloured pencil though and did a lot of this type of work when I was at school because colouring pencils were so accessible (a 17 year old has a rather limited materials budget!). I colour a lot, it’s important to test run the artwork and check the shapes and scale are suitable for colouring, the line weight is just right and also that the paper is good. And of course, it allows me to test a lot of pens and pencils so when people ask questions about what art supplies work well, I can give an honest and informed answer. I guess it’s like being a chef; you have to taste your food to know if it’s good or not!

Johanna’s Christmas. Colourist: @sseungei

What can we expect from your upcoming Christmas book?
I’ve tried to capture the sense of excitement, charm and whimsy of the festive season within the pages of this book. There’s an owl in a Christmas jumper, a robin delivering gifts, lots of tangles of holly and ivy and some beautiful big poinsettia blooms! In total there are 37 illustrations, all printed single sided and with a detachable spine so Colourists can remove their creations when complete and share them as Christmas gifts or use them in craft projects. It also means some art materials likes solvent based markers and heavy glitter pens can be used without fear of bleeding through to the design on the reverse. Finally, there’s no list of things to find in this book, instead there is a flock of festive robins hidden throughout the pages for you to find.

Johanna’s Christmas. Colourist: @ugenechin39

Can you tell us about the musical notes on the front cover?
I’m not the musical one in my family (my sister is!) so when I drew a few bars of music flowing along the front of the cover and posted a WIP sketch on facebook, the colouring community were quick to point out the my scribbly notes were back to front and upside now – musical gibberish! Thank goodness for feedback – that could have been embarrassing if that went to print! I amended the cover and now those musical notes play out the first 4 bars of Jingle Bells. I love that the colouring community helped shape the cover and that now there’s a secret little hidden festive reference in those notes at the bottom. Jingle all the way!

Johanna’s Christmas. Colourist: @kourtneyferroart

What is your starting point when you hide something on a page, and why did you choose a robin?
Usually I hide as many things in a book as possible. I love tiny details and things you have to search for. When I was little we would often visit Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran where there was chair carved by Robert Thompson (aka Mouseman). He carved a little mouse onto every piece of furniture he made, it was like a little hidden signature. I loved that charming way of stamping his work. I try to do something similar by hiding little intricate details in all my drawings. This can be anything from a butterfly to a lizard but for Johanna’s Christmas I wanted a single festive motif that people could find. The robin seemed perfect. Also, who doesn’t love spotting a robin on a snowy morning? They are like nature’s treasure hunt! I draw the entire picture first, then add the hidden elements at the end, so I can find the perfect hiding place for them!

Johanna’s Christmas. Colourist: Claire Eadie

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? What family traditions do you have?
Food. Lots and lots of food! I tackled Christmas dinner myself once many years ago and swore I’d never do it again! There was a terrifying incident involving turkey giblets… My skills lie firmly in helping with the washing up! I like all the traditional elements of Christmas day, the crackers on the table, the awful jokes inside, cheap paper crowns, mountains of crumpled wrapping paper and perhaps best of all, the left overs! Cold kilted sausages (I believe these are called Pigs in Blankets to the rest of the world outside of Scotland!) are my favourite Christmas evening snack!

Magical Jungle. Colourist: @daphnesgallery

Finally, what are you working on next?
I’ve just completed a project with Canon to create 4 new colouring images that can be downloaded throughout the year and a wonderful collaboration with Method, the cleaning products company. I have some limited edition products launching with them next year that I cannot wait to share with the world! We’re also putting the final touches to some colouring books marks, a candle and home fragrance collection (with scents I helped develop inspired by books!) and just this morning I spoke with my jigsaw puzzle partners about the Magical Jungle puzzles we’ll be launching soon.

Magical Jungle tutorial by Chris Cheng.

And of course, there is a new book in the pipepline – but I’m keeping that a bit secret for now!

Johanna’s Christmas is published by Virgin Books/Penguin Books. Win your very own copy of this book by telling me your favourite thing about Christmas in the comments on my Facebook Page HERE. THREE winners will be picked on Saturday 12th November. OPEN WORLDWIDE.

Or order your books from Amazon – these are affiliate links so if you order through them you will help support this website. Thank you!
Amazon UK:
Johanna’s Christmas: A Festive Colouring Book (Colouring Books)
Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition & Colouring Book (Colouring Books)

Amazon US:
Johanna’s Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for Adults
Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition and Coloring Book for Adults

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Amelia’s Magazine | Meet Grande Dame: Special Guest Featured Artist from That Which We Do Not Understand

Tiff McGinnis, aka Grande Dame, is a highly collectible multi-disciplinary artist who is currently hosting My Voodoo On You, a spectacular solo show at the Ink_D gallery in Brighton. I have been working with Tiff since issue one of Amelia’s Magazine 10 years ago so I am really happy to announce that she has donated a one off silk screen print, featuring loads of 24 carat gold leaf and hand coloured with flouro acrylic paint. Saint Agatha is the Patron Saint of Breast Cancer Patients, Rape Survivors, Bell Ringers, Bakers, Jewellers, Martyrs, Wet Nurses, Fire and Volcanic Eruptions, and is depicted carrying her breasts on a tray because they were cut off when she refused the advances of a high ranking magistrate. Tiff was drawn to this subject because “I went to Catholic school for 12 years and have always been intrigued by religious iconography. Later my mother introduced me to Saint prayers, which are really a kind of personal voodoo for when you want or need something… Although I am not religious, I believe in the power of concentration and visualisation.

Grande Dame_My Voodoo On You portrait
What in particular drew you to Saint Agatha as the subject of your artwork?
I have been fascinated with Saints for sometime now. I went to Catholic school for 12 years, but other than St Francis of Assisi, we didn’t learn about them really. A few years ago my mom turned me on to the power of Saints through prayer. I don’t believe in God and absolutely detest organised religion. But we have this kind of game really. Say you want something, like when I was waiting to hear about my flat. We looked up who the Patron Saint of Home was. It was Saint Joseph. So for 3 weeks, or until I heard back from the landlord, I just chanted his name over and over and concentrated on the flat until I got it. I think my mom does Hail Marys, or some other prayer, but I just repeat their name and focus on what it is I want. I did it the other day when I heard a friend was ill and found the saint for her illness, repeated their name and by the end of the day she was better! Is it coincidence? Or is it power of concentration or positive thought or cosmic ordering? Who knows? But I use it a lot in my life. And I swear it always works!

I was drawn particularly to Agatha, as her story was so bizarre and gory. Many depictions are of her carrying her breasts on a tray, all though some passages have said that Saint Peter came to her and her breasts came back as bells or milk jugs. I have been researching saints for sometime now for a project I want to do and the odd thing is most women Saints were slaughtered and the men were just monks who died of old age… Funny that…

Grande Dame_My Voodoo On You 3
How was she created?
I drew her in the Flash animation program which I use for all my sketching. Then the black, red and 24 carat gold leaf was silk screened and I hand painted the rest.

Grande Dame_My Voodoo On You 2
You are currently hosting a spectacularly successful solo show, what has been the highlight of the exhibition so far?
The Private View night was amazing! Over 100 people showed up! I was really shocked. I didn’t expect that many people to come, as I don’t know a lot of people in Brighton. But friends came from Hastings, London, Somerset, from all over! It was brilliant! Also yesterday I gave a 2 hour talk on my career and how I ended up being an artist. It was kind of like a live therapy session! Ha! But it was cool to explain to people how I work and how I got to where I am. They seemed to enjoy it too! So yay! Result!

Grande Dame_My Voodoo On You 5
How long have you been working towards the show and what has been the best and worst parts of being so absorbed in My Voodoo On You for such a long period of time?
It’s been a 5 year project in the making. Wrote the album in 2009. Recorded it in 2010. Animated in 2011, 12 and 13. And spent much of 2014 doing all the art for it. The best part of being absorbed? Hmm… Well my mother always said “keeping busy is the key to happiness“… So I suppose just being focused on this project has been beneficial to my mental state. Although there have been times where I questioned myself as to why was I doing it and was it a waste of my life… The worst parts have been – money. Not having much or any, or worrying where I will get more to finish everything… And the few days before the show opened was so stressful. I worked myself into a right state. In fact the night before the PV I honestly thought I was having a stroke! But all in all – it was worth it! The good & bad!

Grande Dame_My Voodoo On You 4
What is the best thing about merging so many different methods of creativity?
Hmm… There isn’t a best thing really. It’s just how I work. I am a story teller who uses music, moving image and art to convey the meaning of the story… It all goes hand in hand. I would never hire anyone else to make my videos or do my record covers. I have to tell my own story. Also I am a control freak. Ha!

Grande Dame_My Voodoo On You 1
How do you manage to juggle all the various elements of your art making?
It’s not that hard really. Computers allow us to be are own industries. I have to really be in the zone to make music and honestly haven’t recorded anything since I did the album in 2010. Having said that, I’m always writing things & storyboarding ideas in my head. As far as the art side of things. Again – the initial design is done in Flash on the computer so it’s not too difficult to manage. Plus it’s nice to step away from my desk and do a bit of panting or embroidery, or gilding etc…

Grande Dame_My Voodoo on You cushions
You currently live in Hastings – what are the best places to hang out if you are a creative living on the South Coast?
My flat! Ha! I don’t really hang out too much to be honest. This year especially, I just haven’t had the time. But there is a great music and arts scene here. The Royal Standard is great for live bands, and there are always cool warehouse parties happening at artist studios…

Grande Dame terry de haviland couture
What can we look forward to from Grande Dame in 2015?
More art most definitely! I really would like to bang out another animation for this project that I started ages ago. Then it will totally be behind me. And also loads of photographs from my exotic, tropical holiday that I am hoping to go on at some point this year!

You can read what Tiff has to say about her involvement in my book here and pledge for her outrageously wonderful one off artwork on my Kickstarter campaign page here. She receives 50% of profits.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Kyla La Grange – New single Been Better and exclusive interview with Intruders TV

Kyla La Grange

You may remember that I interviewed Kyla La Grange in person a few months back. Well, see she’s just finished a UK wide tour with Wolf Gang and her next single Been Better is due to be released on 11th July, viagra buy followed by a launch gig at the Lexington on July 12th.

Kyla La Grange

Been Better is another angsty anthem from the girl whose emotions run deep – shot at night with barely a ripple of light and plenty of gothic imagery, take a peek, then watch this exclusive interview from Intruders TV.

YouTube Preview ImageBeen Better
YouTube Preview Image

Check out Kyla La Grange online here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Kawakawa: Universe Shifting – Video Premiere

KawaKawa by Simon McLaren
KawaKawa by Simon McLaren.

Kawakawa is Hidden Cameras and Paloma Faith collaborator Sam Taylor, and he has just launched his solo project. Sam was born on the island of Kawakawa in New Zealand, but moved to the UK as a baby, so the name has come to encapsulate a kind of dream-space for him, the perfect moniker for his soaring brand of dream-pop. The possibilities of this other world are reflected in new album Island Species, and a clever video for new single Universe Shifting, which Sam talks exclusively about below.

“Strangely but fittingly this video ended up being completely the opposite of what I’d imagined for the first single from the album. I’d imagined something simple, DIY, arty and with ME-NOT-IN-IT-AT-ALL. Fittingly, because the subject matter of the song is partly to do with accepting that you can’t control the vast majority of what happens to you during the course of your life.

Island Species press cover
I met Shay Hamias, a director from Th1ng film production and animation company not long after having thoughts about the first video and ended up instead with a beautifully lush, dynamic and cinematographically advanced video with ME-IN-YOUR-FACE-ALL-THE-WAY-

Kawakawa Promo Shot II
Shay had been wanting to make a music video as a ‘creative project’ alongside the more commercial work he does at his workplace and to try out some ideas he had for using rotating human figures, statues and dancers to create abstract shapes and chains of ‘sound waves’. These ideas just happened to fit well with the subject matter of the song – relinquishing the inevitable loss of control but smiling and carrying on anyway.

Kawakawa live
Shay set out three distinct sections or universes of the video using a colour pallet. I would be rotated through much of the video – stripped and reclothed as I was shifted between worlds.”

The album Island Species by Kawakawa is out now.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Truck Festival 2011: Saturday Review

Truck Fest by Cat O'Neil
Truck Fest by Cat O’Neil.

It’s been six long years since I last attended Truck Festival, look since when boutique festivals with eclectic musical line ups have become two a penny and taking the whole family to a festival has become the norm. Despite expansion into neighbouring fields Truck is still centred on a working family farm and retains the friendly charm that made it so special in the first place. Read Cari Steel’s great review of this year’s Truck Festival.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival 2011. All photography by Amelia Gregory.

Now into its 14th year Truck Festival is well known as a place to discover great new music before it becomes widely known. Thus it made sense that the new Clash Stage was hosted by Transgressive Records, Heavenly Recordings and Bella Union on different days – all of which are top quality independent record labels.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011
I was only at Truck for the Saturday, and so sadly I missed many people I would have loved to see. But in less than 24 hours I managed to pack in a wealth of talent. Here’s what I saw.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Richmond Fontaine were just taking to the main stage as we perched our tent on the hill side high above (offering a perfect view of the sunset). They offer a blend of scuzzy reverb and throaty heartfelt Americana that was perfectly suited to the relaxed afternoon crowd.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
The local Rotary Club members were hugely in evidence at Truck, doing everything from selling chocolate bars from a trestle table to running a fully automated burger making operation raising money for worthy causes.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Playing the Clash Stage; Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou signed to Heavenly earlier this year.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
This year Truck boasted a theatre tent, with plays by the Oxford Playhouse, a showing of Just Do It and more.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
There was also a chance to sample Truck’s very own beer: it was very good.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Sea of Bees played to a not entirely supportive audience, but she managed to win over the more beered up members of the crowd by the end. For despite her sometimes strange delivery who can fail to be moved by her incredible talent?

Monument Valley at Truck Festival by Hollie McManus
Monument Valley at Truck Festival by Hollie McManus.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Discovery of the festival was Monument Valley over on the Wood Stage, who battled a few technical difficulties to deliver a wonderful set of yearning, introspective tunes about heartbreak and loss. No surprise to find they are friends of Amelia’s Mag favourite Alessi’s Ark.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Over at the very popular Stage the trendy Oxford hordes were enjoying the dancey sounds of Trophy Wife, an Oxford based band. Judging by numbers this was THE place to hang out, with music curated by Blessing Force, a local community of musicians, artists and writers.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
I’ve never really understood the appeal of Young Knives (yep you’ve guessed it, another Oxford born band), but they played a solid set on the main stage.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Stalls at Truck are carefully chosen to support local and ethical retailers, and one of the most eye catching was a new business based on revamped and upcycled books. Bookish had a beautifully laid out stall that was a real magnet to festival goers. I urge you to check out the Bookish website too.

Edwyn Collins at Truck Fest by Cat O'Neil
Edwyn Collins at Truck Fest by Cat O’Neil.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory Edwyn Collins
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory Edwyn Collins
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory Edwyn Collins
I’m a little ashamed to admit that I wasn’t that aware of Edwyn Collins, though it turns out that of course I know some of his best known songs from his time with seminal 80s band, Orange Juice. On the Clash Stage he delivered a soulful and impassioned set that earned him copious love from the crowd, but it was obvious that something was wrong. Only later did we learn of the two debilitating strokes from which he has bounced back admirably, releasing a new album and continuing, despite his frailty, to deliver a series of masterful live performances which really lift the heart.

Gryff Rhys of Super Furry Animals by Melissa Kime
Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals by Melissa Kime.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory gruff rhys
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory gruff rhys
Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals fame put together a typically sweet set, though I’d be hard pressed to pick out any single song for he’s an artist whose tunes seem to meld into one. My favourite moment? When he left stage wielding a banner stating THE TERROR OF COSMIC LONELINESS.

Truck Festival Review 2011 Benjamin Leftwhich Francis
We had to squeeze right into the back of the tent to hear hot tip Benjamin Francis Leftwich, whose soulful set was possibly not truly appreciated by the already drunken local teenagers. Read my review of his new album Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory chad valley
Chad Valley‘s chillwave filled the tent with technicolour happy sounds. Read our interview with this Oxford based musician here.

Miss Cheesecake_Truck 2011 by Rebecca Strickson
Marianne Cheesecake by Rebecca Strickson.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory Marianne Cheesecake.
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory Marianne Cheesecake.
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory Marianne Cheesecake.
In the Cabaret tent we chanced upon some saucy Burlesque with Marianne Cheesecake.

Sarah Cracknell Truck 2011 by Rebecca Strickson
Sarah Cracknell at Truck 2011 by Rebecca Strickson.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory saint etienne
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory saint etienne
We meandered back to the Clash Stage for a set by Saint Etienne. Despite the fact that I have never before seen them live they took me straight back to my university days, when I listened to seminal album Foxbase Alpha pretty much on repeat. The young lads next to me fell totally in love with Sarah Cracknell, who looks as amazing as ever and had great stage presence.

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory ODC Drumline
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory ODC Drumline
On a last tour of the site we discovered ODC Drumline: thrashing drums, men in masks and an MC who delivered a well timed tribute to Norway and Amy Winehouse (I found out about her death on Saturday afternoon).

Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory boxford
Truck Festival Review 2011 photo by Amelia Gregory boxford
Local teenagers were entranced by the heaving dub step at Boxford Dance Village, but for us, it was time for bed after a packed and entertaining day.

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