Amelia’s Magazine | Camilla Norrback: the Scandinavian ethical designer talks Sustainability

Katherine Tromans Camilla Norrback A-W 2011
Camilla Norrback A/W 2010 by Katherine Tromans.

You’ve been involved in eco design since 2002. What prompted your decision to make your label sustainable?
It was an easy choice, and cost considering the world we live in and all the changes we need to make in order to keep our planet alive. Of course it’s no quick fix and all the things that need to be done are overwhelming – but we need to start somewhere. That’s my philosophy. Everybody needs to try and do something, rx however small, ambulance and then we can make big changes happen. It makes my job more meaningful if I can contribute to these changes, and being ‘eco’ has more to do with how I run my company than it has to do with my design.

What does sustainability mean to you?
To make sustainable clothes it is important to consider the whole production of a garment, from idea to finished product. As well as using organic fabrics I also concentrate on how the materials are grown, transported, coloured and sewn. I also make sure that we keep a close long-term relationship with our suppliers and of course that the styles I make last for several seasons, both in fashion and in quality.

Katherine Tromans -Camilla Norrback A-W 2011
Camilla Norrback A/W 2010 by Katherine Tromans.

What is Ecoluxury?
Ecoluxury is the modern luxury, a high-fashion garment that is produced fairly and ecologically. It adds a new dimension to the clothing, and the wearer can feel both beautiful and proud. I think it’s something that all companies can aspire to, whether they make cars, buildings or clothes. The fact is that in the very near future we won’t be able to think in any other way. The survival of our planet will depend on whether or not we can adjust our production and consumption to become sustainable. Quality will become more and more important because we won’t be able to consume in the same quantities in the future. The problem will solve itself….

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