Amelia’s Magazine | Felder Felder: London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Catwalk Review

Felder Felder by Angelica Moreno
Felder Felder A/W 2013 by Angelica Moreno

Queuing is an absolute pain and I spent the majority of my first day at London Fashion Week doing just that, well, that and also giggling at all the hilarious fashion peacocks pouting and posing at street style photographers.

Felder Felder AW13
After spending an excruciating amount of time waiting to see Felder Felder at the BFC Courtyard Showspace, I finally got in, got my free popcorn and walked past some recognisable front row-ers like Mollie King, Marina from Marina and the Diamonds and of course Kate Nash, who performed at last season’s runway.

FelderFelder A/W13
Texture would be the keyword to describe the Felder Felder A/W 2013 show, which featured tailored wool outerwear, velvet bouclé, knit and leather, latex and chiffon, all in classic autumn shades. Various combinations of these materials strutted down the runway to a remix of Venus in Furs, a fitting soundtrack for a modern take on the 1970’s. Personal standout pieces for me were the peach latex trench with a velvet bouclé crop top and the finale, featuring a pair of blondes in grey and white faux fur coats.

Felder Felder A/W13 by Charlotte Edey
Felder Felder A/W 2013 by Charlotte Edey

The collection felt more mature than last season but still had the Felder twins’ signature girly rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. A lot of the pieces would appeal to young girls shopping in the mass market, so expect to see numerous latex cigarette trousers at a high street shop near you soon; unfortunately wearing these would be disastrous for some.

Felder Felder A/W 13
Felder Felder by Sarah Bogott
Felder Felder A/W 2013 by Sarah Bogott

Felder Felder A/W13
All photography by Alex Kessler

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Amelia’s Magazine | Jena.Theo: London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Catwalk Review

Jena Theo AW13 LFW by Charlotte Edey
Jena Theo A/W 2013 by Charlotte Edey

The Smiley faces dripping with acid plastered across the walls and Aphex Twin’s Window Licker as soundtrack set the tone for a trippy Jena.Theo show in the Portico Rooms at Somerset House.

Jena Theo A/W 13
Each model stepped out with matching tangelo lips and patent platform booties to stand together, sullenly cool and untouchable like the mean girls at school; which meant that of course I immediately wanted to be their best friend.

Jena Theo AW13 by Sarah Bogott
Jena Theo A/W 2013 by Sarah Bogott

The Jena.Theo colour palette was brave, with acidic pops of fuchsia, green, yellow and orange juxtaposed against black and gold. The textures provided another contrast; stiff denim and leather merging with soft silk and suede. The silhouette of this collection was voluminous; with tops worn several sizes too big and skirts dramatically flared or bubbled in various lengths.

Jena Theo A/W13

Favourites were the suede fuchsia drop-shoulder sweater paired with silky harem trousers and the over-sized fold over t-shirt dress in colourful graphic print with a giant orange smiley face sprayed across the front, worn with a bad-ass choker.

Jena Theo by Angelica Moreno
Jena Theo A/W 2013 by Angelica Moreno

There was reference to Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hell’s Angels, with this quote as the show inspiration: “The girls stood in a group, wearing bright lipstick and the black, wary expressions of half bright souls turned mean and nervous from too much bitter wisdom in too few years.” You would not funk with these girls, but my goodness did I want their clothes.

Jena Theo A/W13
All photography by Alex Kessler

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