Amelia’s Magazine | Welsh singer Lydia Baylis introduces her new single Life Without You

Lydia Baylis by Daria Hlazatova
Lydia Baylis by Daria Hlazatova.

Having completed a history degree at Oxford University Welsh singer songwriter Lydia Baylis has made a major career change and is set to release her debut album inspired by the literature of the suitably high brow Bronte Sisters and Virginia Woolf. Here she describes the making of her new single Life Without You:

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‘My new single Life Without You is from my debut album, A Darker Trace, which will be released in 2014. It is a song about coming to terms with the end of a relationship with the first person you fall in love with but overall it is a hopeful message about living a fuller life alone – even if at first it feels like you can’t. With the video I wanted the viewers to feel close, because it is a deeply personal song. Intruding, almost by watching someone crying in the bath – but then, as the song goes on, becoming more hopeful and joyous. We shot it in my Grandmother’s house, somewhere I have a lot of fond memories from. I felt very safe there, so it was easier than I had thought letting go and sharing the song… ‘

Lydia Baylis by Novemto Komo
Lydia Baylis by Novemto Komo.

Lydia Baylis by Antonia Parker
Lydia Baylis by Antonia Parker.

Lydia Baylis by Claire Kearns
Lydia Baylis by Claire Kearns.

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