Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015 Crafts: glassware, metalwork, lighting, ceramics and more

New designers Beatrice wall
New Designers part one featured the work of some excellent craft courses from across the UK. Included in this post are glassware, metalwork, lighting, ceramics and more. At Hereford College of Arts sculptor Beatrice Wall, above, used copper and enamel to create wonderful beetles ā€“ an award winner at this yearā€™s show.

New Designers Rhian Wyn Jones
Rhian Wyn Jones made these super tactile oyster shell talismans.

New Designers Becky Dick
These delightful boxing hares are by Becky Dick at Nottingham Trent Uni.

New Designers Bethany Dixon 2
New Designers Bethany Dixon
Bethany Dixon made illustrated ceramics with a sense of humour.

New Designers Emily Baddeley
I loved these fantastical lights by Emily Baddeley, making use of unusual textures and forms.

New Designers Katie Alderson
Katie Alderson made a series of jars inspired by star signs.

New Designers Paige Lawruk
Paige Lawruk made pineapple porcelain sculptures.

New Designers  Imogen Rose Cotterill
More fabulous lighting by Imogen Rose Cotterill was inspired by lobster pots.

New Designers Barry Cunningham
At City Lit I admired decorated wall plagues by Barry Cunningham.

New Designers Amie Sara Bubu
Amie Sara Bubu created intriguing ceramic shapes, scattered like petals.

New Designers Sassirika
Pottery by Sassirika featured seductive curves.

New Designers Ranti Bamgbala
Ranti Bamgbala made beautiful textured statement vessels.

New Designers Alice Blackstock
At Belfast School of Art Alice Blackstock displayed a wall of intriguing machine knit dollies.

New Designers Mauri Ann Beardshaw
Mauri Ann Beardshaw at Birmingham City Uni showed delicate silver and lasercut acrylic pots.

New Designers Gemma Freeman
Gemma Freeman went wild with these silver Tableware Creatures.

New Designers Alexana Blott
At Cardiff Met Alexana Blott put together this bonkers but beautiful cutlery sculpture.

New Designers Jane Plahe
Jane Plahe made Mud and Fire ceramic figures using the local Welsh clays.

ND Hilary Coole Ceramics
Hilary Coole Ceramics showed bold shapes and patterns at Camarthan School of Art.

ND liberty brussaferro
Liberty Brusaferro logged every tiny piece of pottery in this intriguing porcelain installation.

ND Emma Buckley
These beautiful bright dip dye ceramics by Emma Buckley at Bath Spa Uni were shown as part two of the show but I felt they belonged in this post.

ND Jan Kingsman
Jan Kingsman created a series of enigmatic abstract embroideries.

New Designers Alana Madisson
Airplane shaped motifs featured in a swirling glass tableware collection by Alana Madisson.

New Designers Grace Sutherland
This crochet heart is by Grace Sutherland at Grays School of Art.

New Designers Lana Alldritt
A yellow unicorn was part of a display by Lana Alldritt. Iā€™m a sucker for a cute knitted creature.

New Designers CSWA
And finally these ceramic designs are by multi-disciplinary designer Carmel Starr Wilkinson-Ayre ā€“ part of a zany and colourful final collection.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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