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London by Avril kelly2
Bright city lights of London and 123 Bethnal Green Road by Avril Kelly

Vrooosh and we’re in. After a National Express journey from Bristol at 4.10pm we arrived immersed in the mighty traffic of London. From twit updates, information pills I was aware that the Amelia’s Magazine London team had spent the morning working hard whilst I’d been sat at my rectangular Apple.

 Gareth A Hopkins Mattt Bramford

The lovely Matt Bramford, viagra approved Amelia’s Fashion Editor working hard with a smile. Illustration by Gareth A Hopkins

Getting off the beloved bus, we tubed to Bethnal Green Road, missing our bikes with all our hearts after we discovered we had got off at the wrong tube stop and had to walk the length of the road. When we got to 110 -ish I put on my heels and immediately inflicted a new set speed of slow on us. Then after apparently vacantly walking past the venue, we about turned and eventually arrived at 123 Bethnal Green Road at 8pm. And there we are- in.

Illustration of 6 Day Riot by Mina Bach

It’s buzzing and I can see the feathered headdress and hear the sound of glorious music coming from the stage. 6 Day Riot are on stage and everyone is loving it. “Drink!” Vodka O flowing, blue bottled Adnams beers in hand – mutter to Charlie, he can’t hear me, the walls are bright and the buzz is loud. But we are smirking at each other, as the swirl of this internal world is clearly alleviating our hours of bus lethargy. There are beautiful outfits from where I want to find out, and make up perfection. I’m loving the wedges, flowing skirts, vintage fabrics and beautiful piled up and flowing hair. Breathing art of their own kind, everyone I want to know and only until midnight to do it. Um, let’s CHAT. Ze atmosphere is perfect for le chat… Bonjoir…


Charlie and I by Abby Wright – This illustration was a present for our families (I know) – but now you can see us both. In art form!

I meet Jess Furseth because we are looking at each other like we know each other, but don’t. It’s like online friend dating. How could this all go minus the screen? It’s fine of course. We natter about the world then pop downstairs with my curly haired man. There we meet Hannah Bullivant and her husband. Chat, chat, banter, banter – her husband is from Jersey too. Cue lots of Jersey yabbering then Jess, Hannah and I discuss the power of the word etc. There are tea cups about the place from earlier’s tea, cake and illustration session, and a comfy Chesterfield sofa for a second of sitting. This is when I briefly meet Amelia’s Dad. It’s all in the eyes! Lovely man.

Akeela pic of me

Picture of moi by Akeela

Boosh and we’re chatting outside. Banter, banter. Then downstairs and the Lily Vanilli cake is being cut. I have a bite of Charlie’s and the white chocolate and sweet cake melts like pink heaven in my mouth. He swipes it away from my chops. Chat, chat. “Hello Amelia!” She’s wearing an amazing cape and gorgeous shoes. So nice to see her. “Fabulous PARTYY!”

ACOFI cake illustration by Danielle Shepherd

CAKE! by Danielle Shepherd. Made by Lily Vanilli.

Illustration of Amelia, lady of the night, by Abby Wright

Chat to a couple of bloggers and see some of the splendid illustrators I speak to everyday. Everywhere I turn is enthusiasm and love for ART! Whilst Charlie is talking about his hair (apparently) to a table of chaps, I had a peek inside a goodie bag. With the purchase of ACOFI, one could have a fabulous tote bag with a Tatty Devine necklace, Dr Hauschka products, Pukka tea, a Moleskine notebook and other goodies inside. I bestowed on the goodies the necessary “ooohs” and “ahhhs” as I pulled out product after postcard after teabag. It was literally a combination of all my favourite things. Splendid!

Gareth A Hopkins Sallly Mumby Croft copy

Contributor Sally Mumby- Croft snapping away. Illustration by Gareth A Hopkins

Squeal at Matt Bramford before spending the rest of the evening throwing shapes with Chazaroo, Hannah, her husband and the lovely Jess. C.L.A.S.S.I.C. tunes are spun out from The Pipettes and the Mystery Jets DJ. We take breaks outside and before long it all becomes a spinny blur of joy.

Stylish people dancing, picture by Matt Bramford

The Pipettes by Avril Kelly

The Pipettes by Avril Kelly


Hannah Bullivant in the thrust of a move.

It would have been super to have chatted to EVERYONE, but to be honest I adored spending the evening with three fantastic new (now real-life – that’s right writers and Jersey 2) friends. That’s what it was about for me, relaxed fun and an appreciation for the creative and beautiful. I’m proud to be a part of Amelia’s Magazine and all who sail in her.

Photo by Annie Mole, flickr

Excitable, energised, excellently enjoyable. Ends.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, case Alec Guinness, case Byker Grove’s Geoff Keegan and Rolf Harris are among the great and bearded in Suzie Winsor’s collection. Even Edmund Blackadder has a spot in the lineup now hanging in Shoreditch’s KK Outlet gallery. This all seems right, I’m thinking as I admire the quirky ink drawings; I will be the first to admit to having something of a soft spot for a good beard. But what’s the attraction for Suzie?

‘Oh it’s hard to say, but beards seem to add a lot of character to a face,’ Suzie says, as I manage to steal five minutes of her time during the packed opening night last Thursday. ‘It can make a guy seem friendlier, or sometimes more intellectual.’ It started when Suzie was listing people she wanted to draw, and realised lots of them had beards. ‘So I thought, why not make that a theme for an exhibition.’ Proper beards though, none of those sculptured ones, she adds: ‘Bushy and manly, you know!’

Geoff Keegan

While a great beard became a requisite to be part in her show, Suzie points out that all the candidates are also inspirational. ‘I’m a huge Pulp fan’, she says, pointing to the picture of Jarvis Cocker, then to Charles Dickens: ‘I love Oliver Twist.’ As we’re talking, one of Suzie’s other beardy heroes, Rob Ryan, shows up to congratulate his former colleague. Suzie has also worked alongside Tatty Devine and Paul Smith, but has now embarked on the freelance route.

Bearded Suzie

So now, which inspirational characters do you think should seriously consider having a beard, I ask Suzie? She thinks about it for a moment. ‘Well, maybe Larry David, Stuart Murdoch and David Suchet…’ I suggest Robert Downey Jr, to which Suzie nods, and Cate Blanchett, to which she laughs, but I do think it’s a good idea, you know. Then the next day, she emails me: ‘I’ve just realised I haven’t drawn Mick Fleetwood! I’m genuinely gutted! Aaah. I’m going to have to continue the series!’


Running alongside Suzie Winsor’s art at KK Outlet is a second show, entitled ‘In almost every picture #9’ by Erik Kessels. It’s a series of old, faded Polaroid photos of one family’s very black dog – the animal is clearly loved as it’s present in so many of their pictures, but because of the inadequate camera the dog is practically invisible.

The result is fascinating. Part of Erik Kessels’ found photography series, the dog-shape appears in photo after photo after photo. It’s sort of like the pet isn’t really there, giving it a ghost-like feel. But still, the family has persevered in the hope that one day, their furry friend will be accurately captured on film.

In almost every picture #9

‘Beard and Wonderful’ runs until 28th February at KK Outlet, 24 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB. For more information see our listing.

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