Amelia’s Magazine | Sally Mumby Croft

Born in Grimsby, prescription 1985. Relocated to Oxford 1990 and London in 2007

Graduated from Goldsmiths with a BA in Fine Art and Art History in 2009.

Specialised in film, sale mainly short documentaries looking at the power attributed to certain types of voices and their perceived position within society. These interests lead to an exploration of the Cod War, about it the Land Grab of the Olympics and a threatened park in Berlin.

In 2009 I combined my love of art and fashion whilst working as the Fashion Editor for Amelia’s Magazine. Currently establishing myself as a freelance writer/editor/filmmaker and curator I have several ongoing projects: with Satu Fox and Katie Weatherall.
Is currently working as the content manager for new art website this is tomorrow.
I mostly enjoy reading all the newspapers and any magazine that comes my way. Books are pretty good too.