Amelia’s Magazine | New Fashion, Arts and Music Writers Needed!

New writers needed:
I am looking for some enthusiastic fashion, arts and music writers to build my team of contributors. You should be a graduate of some years, and a fast and proficient writer who is looking to improve your CV and gain more experience of writing about the kind of things that you are passionate about. Writing for Amelia’s Magazine opens the door to attend all kinds of events, including London Fashion Week, art openings, gigs and festivals (for free), as well as the opportunity to meet and network with some amazing creatives. With Amelia’s Magazine you will also learn more about commissioning and art directing illustrators, who contribute to many of our articles. Perhaps best of all you will become part of a huge network of creatives who often go on to work together on future projects. Many people who have written for Amelia’s Magazine over the years have used the experience as a stepping stone to a great career, either creating their own magazines, or working for publications as diverse as NME, the Huffington Post and the Guardian to mention just a few.

What I am looking for:
You should have a blog of your own that showcases current writing, and a good presence on social media, especially twitter. You should be willing to contribute regularly (at least once every two weeks) for at least four months, able to upload and promote blogs yourself (with guidance from me) and most of all you should be excited about the kind of topics we cover on Amelia’s Magazine and willing to both follow leads that I will give you and relevant ones of your own. All our articles feature the work of contributing illustrators who are found via open callout on twitter and you should be happy to use your twitter feed to work in this manner, and technically capable when it comes to working with images. You should be happy to get on with work under your own steam (bearing in mind that I currently work only a few hours a day since I am a full time mum) but quick to respond to emails when necessary.

The kind of subjects I cover:
Please do make sure you search my website before you apply to contribute, so that you can familiarise yourself with the content. We cover London Fashion Week, Graduate Fashion Week, the graduate design shows, art exhibitions, craft events, gigs and festivals. We do interviews with illustrators, fashion designers, artists and musicians. We post listings for selected events. Some of our blogs have an ethical or ecological focus, and we always focus on up and coming independent creatives. Plus so much more…

How to apply:
Please email me at this link with an email headed I WANT TO WRITE FOR YOU and include the following:

1. links to your website and social media feeds, including links to any relevant writing if you have anything online that would happily sit on my website.

2. three examples of writing that could feature on my website – this can be previous work (linked above) or something you have created for the application.

3. three ideas for the kind of things you would like to write for Amelia’s Magazine over the next few months.

It will be easier to contribute regularly if you are based in London and able to attend events, but if you think your home town has a great arts scene that needs covering then please do volunteer, describing in your email some examples (with links) of the kind of things you would like to write about.

Please bear in mind that I will only consider applications that directly follow the criteria set out above. I look forward to hearing from you!

Please note: Due to a lack of revenue I cannot currently pay anyone who contributes to Amelia’s Magazine, but things are changing so watch this space….