Amelia’s Magazine | Slow Club Ep, Lets fall back in love

Before listening to this Ep, link sickness I had heard of Slow Club but never listened to any of their songs properly. Slow Club are on Moshi Moshi, therefore Its almost agiven that I will like them. I put the Ep, “Let’s fall back in love” into my cd player and am greeted with sweet twinkly guitar mmmmm, I sigh with relief at finally hearing some good modern noise. I am sad to admit that I have been decidedly lost when it comes music lately, I have very little desire to buy cds anymore, why why why would I be interested in the ting tings? or whoever are supposedly this years kooks? i dont want to listen to the banal sound of nothing coming out of the radio. I just want good noise! It seems I have found it now! In the air of sleepy happiness lovely voices of Sheffieldian boy-girl duo Slow Club. Listening I Immediately think of Shout Out Louds, Spinto Band and Tilly and the Wall. Much as i love all those bands, the sound of Slow Club is much simpler, its cheerily different, perhaps due to their only having two members. The title track, begins with a strange choir like jaunt about a fake brother and has a folksy jangle to it, aah nice tambourine i think, though after reading that Rebecca occasionally plays the chair, yes thats right the chair, I am less convinced about my instrumental identification skills and start to question all the gloriously curious little sounds I’m hearing.

Dance till the morning light, is definitely my new favorite song, its sweet, quirky, lovely yet self deprecating tone develops into clever little ryhming lines of thought. Its soft, pretty and not overworked or over considered so feels really pure to listen to. Charles sings, ‘i can tell you that im not the one you need’, is this perhaps almost a Bob Dylan line that creeps in? not that i mind you understand! ‘Im always 3 steps behind the dance and the times’ feels like my motto! “Trick question”, is my close second, its just so pretty! its a twinkling air of sadness in my ears. At one point her voice is so soft you can barely hear it, then it develops into bright genuine melting little melodies. Summer shakedown is also really nice, it’s a brilliantly mischievous song that will have everyone within hearing distance tapping their feet.

Slow Club are sweet but nowhere near sickly sweet, they are clearly sure to become a regular comfort on my strange wooden retro cd-record player, and after listening to this I vow to see them live and cannot wait for their new album to come out. Moshi Moshi never disappoints me, I love this, in fact Im off to listen to it again, bye!

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