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Lynn Hatzius_show_firefly
Lynn Hatzius is an illustrator, collage artist and printmaker living in London. Her work crosses boundaries of fine and applied art with regular commissions of commercial illustration alternating with personal self initiated projects. She designs book covers for a variety of publishers and her illustrations have appeared in various magazines and newspapers as well as on album covers. Lynn Hatzius completed an MA in Printmaking at the London Print Studio, where she continues to explore traditional printmaking techniques to translate her imagery into printed form. She regularly exhibits and sells her work in London and elsewhere.

Lynn Hatzius_ByTheSea
By The Sea (2013) Paper Collage

Lynn Hatzius_Patience
Patience I (2012) Vintage postcard, Paper Collage

A Journey into Printed Matter is the title of Lynn Hatzius's latest solo show, which will bring together a selection of her collages and prints. The venue is Firefly, a small second hand book shop on the corner of Chatsworth Road and Glenarm Road in East London. This place is the perfect setting to show some of Lynn's more delicate collage pieces, which themselves include elements chosen and extracted from old books. For her the images on dusty pages open up endless possibilities for new compositions, which reveal hidden meanings and unexpected ideas. She is in constant search for new material to add to her vast collection of printed matter, so the surroundings are a source of inspiration as well as a backdrop to her work.
For more details see the First Thursdays website.

Lynn Hatzius_Stillness
Stillness (2013) Paper Collage

Lynn Hatzius_Derailed
Derailed (2014) Paper Collage

Shop opening times: Thursday-Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday 10AM-5PM