Amelia’s Magazine | ‘Making Mamas’ Workshop: Drawing with an Infant

Category: Art

Making Mamas Mum and Infant Drawing workshop
This Saturday 5th October 2013, Significant Seams in Walthamstow is holding for the first time a workshop for parents or carers with babies up to 12 months to explore drawing. Even as someone who is not a mother yet, I have noticed that there is a lack of workshops, especially creative ones, for mothers with really young babies, so this was a refreshing class to discover! The hour-long session will introduce a range of materials through fun exercises designed to develop your observation and drawing skills whilst promoting the physical and perceptual development of your baby. Your own baby, and the relationship between you, will provide a basis for the drawings, as a focal point for techniques and ideas which you might want to take on to other subjects. The session is suitable for all levels, from beginner onwards.

The workshops are designed and led by artist Leah Lovett, based on techniques developed with her own daughter whilst on maternity leave from the Slade, where she is currently researching her PhD and teaching. See for more information.

£8 (all materials provided).
Bookings at or through Significant Seams.