Amelia’s Magazine | Shannon Finley, Century Entropy at BISCHOFF/WEISS

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Shannon Finley, Signal Shifter
Shannon Finley, Signal Shifter.

How much am I loving the new work from Shannon Finley, showing now at BISCHOFF/WEISS in his first solo show named Century Entropy?

Shannon Finley, Untitled, 2012
Shannon Finley, Untitled, 2012.

Through an intensive process, Finley applies numerous, translucent layers of acrylic paint and industrial polymers onto canvas with specially designed palette knives. The results offer prismlike surfaces whose subtle nuances chronicle the build up of the material itself. This process draws from the history of geometric abstraction in painting as much as the reductive language of early computer graphics. But Finley eschews any simple opposition between the hand and the pixel, exploring instead the optics of the picture plane while constantly emphasizing the limits of the edge, which provide an unexpected archive of his painterly layers. Ultimately, these compositions remain suspended between the immaterial and the concrete, and are best apprehended as passageways into indeterminate spaces. In this, Finley invokes traces of sacred geometries and religious architecture within a technocratic context, but only as an alternate mode for engaging the unseen.

Second Impact front view
Second Impact front view.

Shannon Finley was born in Ontario, Canada but currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. More information about Shannon Finley here.

Open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Also by appointment