Amelia’s Magazine | Exhibition: No Place Else

Category: Art


No Place Else dabbles in the concept of a modern Utopia, as seen through the ideas of talented illustrators.

Simon Wild is our hot tip from this bunch, who I met earlier this year thanks to our interactions on Twitter. Not only has he contributed to Amelia's Magazine online, but he has also collaborated with other regular Amelia's Magazine contributors Thereza Rowe, Abigail Daker and Lesley Barnes on the Happy Journey Collective and you can get a hefty dose of his colourful style in his first children's book – Fantastical Flying Machines.

You can see Simon Wild's doodles around the idea of “new lands and make believe” at this exhibition in Bethnal Green, alongside fellow illustrators Mark Wigan, Matthew Dent, Jason Devine, Alex Godwin, and Ryan Chapman

Check the website here and the facebook event here.