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Firefly fest

This weekend the Firefly Music Festival will be happening in the secret woodlands of Shropshire. I found out about this idyllic sounding addition to the festival calendar courtesy of Patch William, who played a lovely set for us at the Climate Camp Tripod Stage at Glastonbury. Patch William are one of the acts that will be headlining this small festival of 500 – alongside Scott Matthews, Chew Lips and Neon Lights to name but a few.

Organiser Anne describes the musical line up as: “Eclectic. We're mixing genres and newly emerging bands with more established acts because I wanted Firefly festival to reflect the fact that most people nowadays have a very varied taste in music. Just because you absolutely love listening to someone like Scott Matthews doesn’t mean you don’t look forward to a couple of hours dancing to some really good DJ’s.” Sounds eminently sensible to me.

Drinks and food will be supplied by local caterers. “I don’t see any reason dragging someone from the other side of the country to feed us,” says Anne.

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of Firefly is the acoustic stage at the campfire. Now that's what I call truly idyllic. I remember way back at Blissfields many a moon ago… we all sat up around the camp fire and had a big old jam.

After six months of planning Firefly all the Jersey cows have been cleared off the land and things are ready go. Apparently it's a magical spot; with woodland, streams and fabulous views. Do let us know what you think of it if you get along. For directions see the map here.