Amelia’s Magazine | Environmental Justice Foundation’s Pop Up Store hosts Ethical Fashion Social Network Event

The EJF Eco Chic Pop-Up Store on Carnaby Street has been a hub of enivoronmental and ethical fashion for the past few weeks. You might recall we had a sneak peek when it first opened.

For the most savvy readers, cure dosage you might also have seen our interview with Amisha Ghadiali of Think Act Vote, malady too. Well, doctor these two wonderful concepts came together on Thursday, in the form of an ‘Ethical Fashion Social Network Event’.

This event, where the Ethical Fashion Forum has partnered with the Environmental Justice Foundation, Forum for the Future and Think Act Vote came together to address ‘Ethical Fashion: What does the future hold?’ with presentations including Forum for the Future’s Fashion Futures 2025.

All the attendees got a chance to enjoy the pop-up shop before curiously heading down to the basement where the talk and presentations were held; the room rapidly filled up until it was almost impossible to fit anybody else in!

Think Act Vote’s founder Amisha Ghadiali began, with introductions to some of her projects, principally discussing ‘What future do you choose?’ and then promoting her campaign – insiprational, positive thinking for the future, discussing the impending vote (which as we now know, wasn’t the most successful election ever.)

For ‘What Future Do You Choose?‘, they are compiling the thoughts of people from across the UK, which will become an anthology containing stories and images. You can easily get involved too – by filling out a short statement on the website with your ideas and proposals for the future. The anthology will also contain images of those involved in Think Act Vote, which was to be delivered to the incumbent Prime Minister. Yikes.

Amisha Ghadiali said of the project, ‘I wanted people to think positively by thinking about the kind of world they wanted to live in. I thought that instead of just putting the answers online, there was an opportunity to make a beautiful lifestyle photography book that included people’s answers. The idea is that this creative anthology will be really inspiring to all those who flick though it.”

Furthermore, the carbon neutral campaign T-shirt was dreamed up as a competition between up-and-coming fashion designers, artists and illustrators. Made in partnership with the ethical fashion label Komodo, the T-shirt has been developed with the help of a judging panel made up of some of the most influential ethical fashion designers and Illustrators, between them Katherine Hamnett and Daisy de Villeneuve.

For Amisha this was created ‘to inspire people to engage in politics through design and fashion. As this is a creative campaign, we wanted to give people the opportunity to take part and use their creative energy instead of just signing a petition. I also wanted the design to come from people rather than us.’

Fashion Futures 2025: Global Scenarios for a Sustainable Fashion Industry, presented by the Forum for the Future, looked instead at an overview of forecasted ethical fashion trends, drawn up in collaboration with Levi’s.

The report displayed four hypothetical scenarios for the years to come, being Slow is Beautiful, Community Couture, Techno Chic and Patchwork planet, all of them featured with intriguing, gorgeous and well made animations.

Now, the global apparel, accessories and luxury goods market generated total revenues of $1,334.1 billion in 2008. This industry’s opportunity to create a positive impact on global society and environment is quickly becoming top of the agenda. It is initiatives like these that are contributing to this global ethical fashion force.

The event finished with people enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the shop, picking up numerous EJF campaign literature, choosing clothes to try and wear in the hope of being photographed for the Think Act Vote book, which will soon, hopefully, be in the hands of the Prime Minister – whoever that may be.

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