Amelia’s Magazine | Lush Christmas Gifts: 2011 Product Review

Lush Christmas products by Katrina Conquista.

Lush prides itself on in-house inventions such as the solid shampoo bar and the shower jelly – and Lush inventors like to have particular fun at Christmas. They provide products that make great gift baskets for women or even stocking stuffers. Here’s a round up of the most exciting new products coming out of Lush land in time for a bit of festive bath time fun:

LUSH Cosmetics by Barb Royal
LUSH Chilli Tingle lip tint by Barb Royal. Inspired by a trip to Mexico, this lip balm is guaranteed to give you hot lips in cold weather.

Lip Scrub by Estelle Morris
Lip Scrub by Estelle Morris. Perfect for potential under-the-mistletoe snogging action.

Lush Golden Wonder
The Golden Wonder bath ballistic bears no relation to the well known crisp brand but instead looks like a miniature golden gift, and it’s even better in the water – as the bomb dissolves it sends out a shower of golden stars and the water turns blue. All this is accompanied by the sweet scents of sweet orange, cognac and lime. Bring on the party season!

LUSH Christmas by Janneke de Jong.

Northern Lights soap Lush
The Northern Lights soap is reminiscent of the phenomenon in the sky, infused with the scents of a Nordic forest and shimmering in transparent stripes.

Star Wand by Estelle Morris
Magic Wand by Estelle Morris. Lay back, relax, and dabble your wand in the bath to produce the perfect amount of bubbles.

Lush buche de noel
The Buche de Noel is a ‘cleansing roll’ that looks suspiciously like a giant slab of sushi, fitting then that it includes a nourishing sheet of Nori seaweed as it’s wrap.

LUSH Bath by Barb Royal
LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb by Barb Royal. This Christmassy mix features popping candy for extra crackle when it hits the water.

Jilted elf
The Jilted Elf shower jelly was inspired by a cocktail recipe from New York. It’s a zesty blend of grapefruit, vodka and ginger that should provide an uplifting start to the day.

I’ve always been partial to a bit of traditional Glogg, the traditional mulled drink of Scandinavian countries. Put the familiar ingredients of orange, lemon, red wine, brandy, cinnamon and clove together and you’ve got another very special shower gel.

Lil Lush Pud by Estelle Morris copy
Lil Lush Pud by Estelle Morris. Another festive bath bomb with a big personality – scented with marzipan, lemon peel powder, clove powder, aloe vera extract and rose.

YouTube Preview Image
I’ve always admired the ethos of Lush, putting planetary care at the top of the agenda – both in terms of the way they create products (ingredients are always carefully sourced and solids are favoured because they use less preservatives and packaging) and also for the support they give grassroots environmental activists. In fact, I even did a talk to introduce Lush employees to Climate Rush a few years ago (you might be able to spot me in the video above). Why not give a bit of Lush this Christmas? It’s the perfect way to indulge someone whilst adding a bit back too.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics by Barb Royal
LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics by Barb Royal.

Lush Candy Cane
Lush Candy Cane soap.

Lush gingerbread_house
Lush Gingerbread House. It looks good enough to eat but this one is for the water only. With essence of ginger, blackcurrant and lemon.

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