Amelia’s Magazine | Tim Plester introduces ET IN MOTORCADIA EGO!


ET IN MOTORCADIA EGO! is a spontaneous dream-poem that was inspired by The Beat Writers, American Counter-Culture and the iconography surrounding the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Here film maker Tim Plester explains the idea behind his latest project.


Teddy Roosevelt may have been the first U.S. President to ride in an automobile, but John Fitzgerald Kennedy will be forever remembered as the first to die whilst in one. Shot like a red grouse, on November the 22nd 1963, whilst incumbent on the backseat of an open-topped four-door Lincoln Continental convertible. The fatal headshot sent echoes around the globe, and was captured for all to see by frame 313 of the apocalyptic 8mm home-movie taken by local Dallas resident Abraham Zapruder.

Channelling the dharma-burn of Allen Ginsberg and The Beat Generation, ET IN MOTORCADIA EGO! is a cinematic poem, inspired by the rich iconography surrounding the events of that fateful afternoon fifty years ago. A deep dream echo, transmitted by a displaced soul marooned in a blistered corner of imaginary desertscape.


ET IN MOTORCADIA EGO! was written and directed by Tim Plester, in collaboration with Lamb+Sea, and performed by Kieran Bew.

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