Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: The Best Illustration Graduates

ND Jen Leem Bruggen
My final New Designers review features work displayed as part of the Visual Communications section in part two of the show: with the focus on illustration, of course.

New Designers Jen Leem Brugen
New Designers Jen Leem Bruggen 2
I absolutely adored the fantastic illustrations of Jen Leem Bruggen at the Uni of Hertfordshire, seen here in a concertina foldout booklet, showing a magical use of colour.

ND Gemma Taylor
This piece is titled Monogamy by Gemma Taylor – showing a great use of pattern combined with bird imagery. Also at Hertfordshire. Sometimes it is the lesser known art colleges which throw up the most unexpected finds!

New Designers Ana Jaks
New Designers Ana Jaks 2
One of my favourite discoveries was work by Ana Jaks at Falmouth Uni – I love her use of colour and shape to create eye catching images.

ND Alex McGinn
Also at Falmouth I was taken by fine editorial work from Alex McGinn.

New Designers Hazel Partridge
Other pieces that caught my eye: a lovely bird by Hazel Partridge.

New Designers Charlotte Perry
This cool alphabet design by Charlotte Perry.

New Designers Thomas Pullin
And a fun character by Thomas Pullin.

ND Jess Rose
New Designers Jess Rose
The Nottingham Trent Uni stand was ridiculously difficult to navigate but I eventually established that these exciting silk scarf designs, inspired by viruses, aches and pains, are by Jess Rose. Beautiful and engaging.

ND Josh Patterson
New Designers Josh Patterson
Cooking up a storm! This lovely editorial work is by Josh Patterson at Birmingham City Uni, who has unsurprisingly already worked for an impressive roster of clients, as well as winning several awards.

New Designers Michelle Bowden
And I also liked this painterly pattern by Michelle Bowden.

ND Sorcha Faulkner
New Designers Sorcha Faulkner
At Cambridge School of Art I liked a more traditional take on cookery illustration by Sorcha Faulkner.

NEW DESIGNERS micah shaW 2
New Designers Micah Shaw
This house on a hill and ghosts are by Micah Shaw at Plymouth College of Art.

New Designers Sander B
ND Sander B
At Coventry Uni I loved this gorgeous book of Nordic folklore by Sander B Draws.

ND Jack Bailey
New Designers Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey was showing work with Cygnet Ink as part of a show put together by the Uni of Lincoln. I really enjoyed his mixed media approach, featuring beautiful delicate watercolour animals, buildings and matching models.

ND Yada Subhadira
At Portsmouth Uni I liked this 3D papercut of skulls by Yada Subhadira.

New Designers Bethany woollvin
And these planets with eyes by award winner Bethan Woollvin.

New Designers Dale Sylvester
Finally, this piece featuring the nerve endings in the brain is by Dale Sylvester.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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