Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2011 Part Two: One Year On Show Review

New Designers show review 2011-Imogen Heath Studio
In the One Year On section of New Designers part two there was lots of colourful talent: Imogen Heath Studio showcased wonderful geometric textiles.

New Designers show review 2011-Stone and Spear
Stone and Spear versus Lucy Jay were selling fab silk hankies. Designer Simon Cook is involved in many illustrative design projects and is now selling at the Design Museum.

New Designers show review 2011-Deryn RelphNew Designers show review 2011-Deryn Relph
Deryn Relph uses knit to create her colourful household textiles. Her design philosophy is underpinned by an ethos of sustainability and she often repurposes old furniture: like a lot.

New Designers show review 2011-Katie Heeks Designs
Katie Heeks Designs tableaux are created from multiple patterned lasercut pieces.

New Designers show review 2011-Fishboy aka Ashleigh Ward
Fishboy aka Ashleigh Ward of Beast Collective had created a fun 3D illustrated artwork.

New Designers show review 2011-Eight YearsNew Designers show review 2011-Eight Years
Birmingham’s Eight Years specialise in illustration and animation.

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