Amelia’s Magazine | Inktober Artist: Rachel De Ste. Croix (Precious Little Illustration)

Whilst I’d like to call this an Inktober discovery that would not be strictly true, as Rachel De Ste. Croix (otherwise known as Precious Little Illustration) is an illustrator who contributed to my ethical fashion book, Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration, 6 whole years ago (where has the time gone?…) Read more here and see her fantastic portrait of Susie Bubble.

It’s a delight to learn what she has been up to more recently, so I am so glad she responded to a call out in my Amelia’s Magazine Facebook group. (why not join and show me your work too?) For Inktober she has set herself a challenge to work quickly, using a limited colour palette and lettering in each image. I love these images she submitted!


More about Rachel de Ste. Croix:
Precious Little Illustration is Rachel de Ste. Croix, an illustrator who has worked internationally & lived in the UK, Cambodia and Vietnam. She graduated from the University of Westminster with a degree in Illustration and has been freelancing ever since. Rachel now lives in an unfashionable part of London where she drinks a lot of fancy teas while listening to podcasts. She works primarily in pen and ink, with a good dash of acrylic paint and colouring pencil thrown in, when she isn’t working with PhotoShop. She is heavily inspired by classic illustration from the ‘golden age’, graphic novels, girls’ romance and horror comics, and traditional South-East Asian brush painting.

Rachel is available for comissions – portraits, murals and more! Follow Rachel De Ste. Croix on instagram here, twitter here and Facebook here.

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