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All images courtesy of The Paper Eaters

Nestled in the crypt of our large Cathedral of consumerism, Selfridges, something different is afoot. Going down the escalator, and into the Uberlounge, where artists in resident Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair have hijacked the space until the 29th of April. If Alice in Wonderland was real, but someone set in the 80s circa Earth Girls are Easy, this is pretty much what the Uberlounge is currently like. There is so much to absorb that it takes a good hour or so to acclimatise to the new environment of neon colours, purple sky high chicken wire fences, inflatable couches, an onslaught of paper art and even a drive in style movie theatre. For anyone looking to get lost in a large dose of abstract reality, this is definitely the place to visit.

If wondering around, mouth agape is a little too gauche for you, there’s a wealth of activities to join in on, from origami, to 80s style makeovers to hat making workshops.
Upon meeting Zoe Sinclair and Andrea Blood, the flamboyant neon haired matriarchs of this operation, they suggested that I came again to participate in one of their ongoing photo stories, that are featured in the Paper Eaters magazine, which is currently on sale at Selfridges.

Without the handicap of being demure, it was an incredibly fun experience. From lying down in a bookshop surrounded by naff autobiographies, to tackling a hammock in the garden section and finally some jumping around at a bus stop, dressed in a miscellany of avant garde costumes, I’m looking forward (and slightly terrified) of seeing the result in Issue 3 of The Paper Eaters, which will be released on the 22nd April.

The story was of myself, a girl named Heather. The name came up from a brainstorm that pays homage to the 80s classic, and my ‘look’, which was deemed Winonaesque by the Girls, a compliment possibly strong enough to get me to participate in a snuff film, let alone a photo story. Anyhoo, Heather gets locked into Selfridges at night, and ends up gambling the night away with the ghosts of the Dolly Sisters, the flappery mistresses of Mr Selfridge back in the 30s.

But enough about me, the exhibition is still ongoing and I strongly urge you to pop in and have a look around, as it really is a magical little Oasis of whacky fun in the middle of London. For more infomation check out the listings

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