Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2013 Illustration Review: The Best Graduate Illustrators

EdieOP Jonah the Fish cat
I’ve brought you my New Designers part one reviews, my review of New Blood and multiple blogs covering the Free Range Art and Design shows… so now it’s time to finish my coverage of the graduate group shows with New Designers part two (in two sections, naturally). This first blog will cover the best of the illustration I discovered.

EdieOP Jonah the Fish cover
Jonah the Goldfish by edie op
UCA Maidstone took a stand at the show at the last minute, so I was excited to see work by Amelia’s Magazine contributor Edie OP, full name Edie Owczarek-Palfreyman. She had created a wonderful story called Jonah the Goldfish which follows a little girl who wins a fish at a fairground and forgets to feed it, resulting in drastic consequences.

Joanna Keys at uca maidstone
Joanna Keys naturists
I loved the incredibly fun work from her fellow student Joanna Keys, who lifted the lid on the strange world of naturism. Who can resist this cheeky image of naturists at the hairdressers!

Rochester High Street on fabric by Lucy Parris at uca maidstone
This lovely depiction of Rochester High Street was created on fabric by Lucy Parris.

Georgia Elliott Thanet uca maidstone
Georgia Elliott chose Thanet as the theme of her beautifully bound book, which you can buy from etsy here. Since Snarfle‘s grandad lives in Thanet I have become very well acquainted with this beautiful and idiosyncratic part of the Kent coast, so it’s lovely to see it immortalised in this way: above are some famous shopfronts from oyster loving Whistable.

Moths by Natalie Faith Turner
Natalie Faith Turner investigated the beauty of insects, including moths and bees.

bird by Bea Forshall at falmouth uni
Falmouth University always has a strong selection of work, which was on show at both D&AD New Blood and New Designers; I’ll be covering all my favourites on here. This delightful bird is by Bea Forshall, whose work is informed by a lifelong love of animals.

young audience by Michelle Beech
Michelle Beech Falmouth
This delightful outdoor scene and delicate reclining lady are by Michelle Beech.

Lara Hawthorne - the Python Wife
Lara Hawthorne - the Python Wife
Stylised animals such as cats were prevalent in decorative illustrations by Lara Hawthorne. These fab images are from a project called The Python Wife.

Hannah Tolson - La Fiesta Gracia
Hannah Tolson swanpool reserve
I love the lush orange colours of this book cover design by Hannah Tolson. She also documented the changing seasons of locations in Falmouth to create beautiful images such as the one above.

New Blood design show 2013-patrick atkins
Bold monochrome illustrations by Patrick Atkins caught my eye at both exhibitions. His Vessel project – part of which can be seen above – documents the idea of rebirth in graphic novel style.

Lily Louise Scott at falmouthuni
Lily Louise Scott
There were some really sweet narrative characters in designs by Lily Louise Scott. I particularly like this close up of a scene with a bear.

karma sutra action by Martha Anne
karma sutra by Martha Anne at falmouth uni
This fab rendition of the Karma Sutra is by Martha Anne, whose decorative style of narrative illustration is just my kind of thing.

Where Does My Cat Go? By Emily Knight at cambridge schoolofart
Also by Emily Knight at cambridge schoolofart pottery cat plant pots
This was part of a series titled Where Does My Cat Go? by Emily Knight at Cambridge School of Art, who also made these lovely pottery cat plant pots.

Olivia Rose at cambridge school of art girl
Olivia Rose at cambridge school of art
These beautiful but slightly spooky girls are part art nouveau, part anime, by Olivia Rose of Lalasdreambox.

Fashion editorial collage by Sophie Wilcox at nottingham trent
Fashion editorial collage by Sophie Wilcox at Nottingham Trent University is smart and alluring – it’s a shame I can’t find her anywhere on the web.

Mask by Jake Pardoe
This mask by Jake Pardoe is from a project called The Box of Changing Faces, based on an investigation of how people recognise the human face.

Honeysuckle linoprint by Katie Beavis northbrook college
Lastly, a love of William Morris is evident in this graphic honeysuckle linoprint by Kate Beavis at Northbrook College, intended as cover art for Cider with Rosie.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Graduate Shows 2012: UCA Maidstone Graphic Media and Visual Communication Review

alex dickson UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Infographic by Alex Dickson.

Has anyone else noticed the rise and rise of the infographic? These visually impactful ways of sharing potentially boring data were particularly prevalent at the UCA Maidstone show, which combined graphic design and visual communication disciplines. My favourite finds are below:

Infographics_anthony boyle
UCA maidstone
Anthony Boyle used bright graphics with a retro feel to compare the needs and wants of consumers.

Roisin Carr rosie lee tea
Roisin Carr used delicate pastel colours for her Rosie Lee branded tea packaging – bound to appeal to the many young tea drinkers with a love of all things vintage.

UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
alex dickson UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
alex dickson UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Alex Dickson was inspired by the recent protests to tackle economic disparity using eye-catching infographics.

UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Ruby Cooke UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Ruby Cooke‘s love of the print process was evident in screenprinted t-shirts which layered stencilled layered images that warranted a second look – hands wrapped around an apple, a heart, a tooth looked curiously like the leaves of a Swiss cheese plant!

 UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
I was very intrigued by minimalistic work by Oistros Dimitriou, who represented the destruction of his Cypriot cultural heritage with delicately ripped maps on panels of white paper. My photo does not do his beautiful work justice.

luke stallwood
Luke Stallwood used fanciful circus type to create theatre poster inspired graphics in a series entitled The Observation of Unintentional Idiocy: things we wish we hadn’t said…

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Amelia’s Magazine | Best of D&AD New Blood Illustration Graduates 2011: part two

New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett
Illustration by Katie Harnett.

The quality of work at University of the West of England really stood out – not least because ACOFI illustrator Katie Harnett has just graduated.

New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
Katie Harnett showed a dreamy illustration based on a sea shanty, order and her children’s book Problems with the Polar Post – a delightful tale featuring as she said it would, website plenty of animals.

New Blood show review 2011-Liam Barrett
Liam Barrett had put together the beautiful D&AD New Blood UWE invitation, and has designed wrapping paper for Nobrow.

New Blood show review 2011-nat osborne
Natalie Osborne‘s long creature from her Elliot’s Adventure picture book was super engaging.

New Blood show review 2011-jay wright
While you were at in the Dentist by Jay Wright featured all sorts of toothy situations.

New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
The Highwayman Annual by Jacob Stead was presented in becomingly old style – a glorious romp through all things masked robber related. Jacob has done a big feature for the current issue of Oh Comely magazine.

New Blood show review 2011-Abigail Nottingham
At Hull School of Art and Design Amelia’s Magazine contributor Abigail Nottingham showed off her impish creatures and idiosyncratic people.

New Blood show review 2011-Abby Wright
Abby Wright gave pride of place to her drawing of Fifi Bijoux that I commissioned for Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

New Blood show review 2011-Anne-Marie Jones
At University College Falmouth book covers by Anne-Marie Jones were created in a strong painterly ink style.

New Blood show review 2011-Hannah Goodacre
Hannah Goodacre‘s angular designs for book covers were also striking.

New Blood show review 2011-Cathy Hookey
I liked Cathy Hookey‘s children’s book illustration New Friends.

New Blood show review 2011-Lewis Shaw
New Blood show review 2011-New Blood show review 2011-Lewis Shaw
Lewis Shaw painted brightly coloured dogs in fluid brushstrokes. See more from these students on their very own Falmouth illustration agency website.

New Blood show review 2011-Faye Moorhouse
From UCA Maidstone Faye Moorhouse won Best New Blood for her Cat Lady of Czechoslovakia.

New Blood show review 2011-Emmanuel Okpanachi
Emmanuel Okpanachi painted lots of heads, some sat around a table for a discombobulated party.

New Blood show review 2011-Sebastian Arnold
New Blood show review 2011-Sebastian Arnold
New Blood show review 2011-Sebastian Arnold
Sebastian Arnold had put together an intriguing book, Idealised Suburbia, about Ashford being twinned with a town in Germany.

And thus concludes my 2011 New Blood coverage. Don’t forget to check in with part one of my New Blood illustration review. Enjoy!

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Amelia’s Magazine | An interview with Eleanor Percival: Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion featured artist.

eleanor percival atalanta 5
The delicate artwork of Eleanor Percival translates beautifully into her colouring book image of a heavily tattooed lady plucking a pear. Here she talks about her love of fiction, Renaissance paintings and good quality watercolours.

eleanor percival in studio
eleanor percival spread
What would be the story of your tattooed lady?
I think she’s a tattooist herself, but a bit of a psychic too. She can see her clients’ true natures and tattoos them with symbols of their characters, good or bad. She’s covered herself with images that represent who she is (I got very caught up in the meanings of tattoos while I was developing this piece, and even added in a couple that would mean something to me if I ever had the guts to get one). She would probably be very sought after, but would also get into trouble with those who didn’t like her representation of them.

eleanor percival fftmc
Who are your favourite writers and why?
I love strangeness in fiction, the uncanny – Roald Dahl’s short stories for adults seem to be set in the real world, then something knocks the story off-kilter and it feels like another universe. Virginia Woolf is always great but Orlando is, without doubt, my favourite of her books: the way the character moves through history (and genders) is written so cleverly that it barely seems odd at all.

eleanor percival poppies
Where did you do your BA and MA courses and what were the best things you learnt on them?
I did my BA at UCA Maidstone, which sadly has been closed down since. The course had been famously good since the sixties, so attracted wonderful staff. They really taught us to have clear motivations in our work – ‘Why have you used red here?’ ‘What does it symbolise?’ ‘What will viewers associate with it?’ Etc. They were also fantastic at driving home to us the practicalities of being an illustrator – how to promote ourselves, how to approach clients, even how to do our accounts. I loved it. I chose to do an MA at Camberwell because I wanted to free up a little, and to refine my style. I’m no Jackson Pollock, but my work has loosened up so much, and I’m more confident.

eleanor percival atalanta 1
Who is Atalanta and what attracted you to her story? (see also the opening image)
I knew from the beginning of my MA that I wanted to do a project around fairy tales or mythology, but I also wanted to champion a female character who wasn’t a feeble little princess or a conniving vamp. While I was researching endless Greek myths, a woman called Atalanta kept cropping up. She was always described as the strongest fighter and the fastest runner, and was featured in lots of famous stories, but I’d never heard of her before. So I did some more reading and amalgamated all of the bits I could find about her into my own narrative. She and her lover are turned into mountain lions in the end, but I made this into a happy-ever-after for them.

eleanor percival colouring in 1
What kind of references to art history can we expect to see in your art if we look closely?
The strange perspectives and proportions that I love are definitely influenced by Renaissance paintings. They used an obsessive mathematical approach that left a lot of imagery looking quite other-worldly and, though I don’t go anywhere near a ruler when I’m working out a composition, I try to recreate that slightly wonky effect. Indian Miniatures have crept in too – the space is very organised in most of my paintings, details are purposeful and sparse. And my figures often have very gestural poses too.

eleanor percival alicante
How do you arrange your workspace and what does typical work day look like?
My studio is a tiny spare room in the flat I share with my husband in Brixton. It’s absolutely crammed with books, old work and art materials, and my desk takes up about half the room. My working day is usually much the same: I’m at my desk with a cup of tea by nine but rarely start painting immediately; I look at artsy blogs, catch up on my e-mails and make to-do lists until I’m in the right mood. I’ll then work for the rest of the day (though I often find I’ve been staring out the window for ten minutes). At the end of a project I often find I need a day wandering around a museum or gallery to refresh.

eleanor percival atalanta 2
Why is it so important to you to embark on personal projects and what have you been doing most recently in this arena?
Every experienced illustrator I’ve ever met has underlined to me how important it is to do personal projects. It’s inevitable that when working with an art director, you find yourself doing little things that you wouldn’t do if left to your own devices. And that’s an important practice, but it’s also crucial that you do projects that are more essentially yours – things only you would think of doing in that particular way. I’ve been working on my own little colouring-in book recently. I wanted to have a break from working in colour, and also from doing projects with causes! It’s very simple, barely even a narrative, just an introduction to a character who lives in a cottage and loves gardening. I’m also putting together a line of greetings cards to sell in some local independent shops.

eleanor percival thank you card
Where will we be able to buy your greeting cards, and can you share a preview with us?
I’ve got a couple of designs for sale at Green & Stone on the Kings Road already, but I’m going to be approaching shops in Brixton Market.

eleanor percival ice-skaters
What is it that you particularly love about watercolour and where did you learn how to use it properly?
On my BA I didn’t have a clue about materials – I just grabbed whatever was close to hand – but after I graduated I got a part-time job in a beautiful old art supplies shop and learned all about the properties of watercolours, fine brushes and paper. With my discount I could afford to gradually build up a collection of really good quality paints and other materials. I use Schmincke and Daniel Smith paints mostly – they have really intense colours and granulate beautifully. I love that watercolour has a life of its own; you have a certain amount of control before you apply the brush, then the paint does whatever it wants – it just rolls around on the paper. But equally, it’s a lovely medium for creating delicate little details.

Which cook’s recipes would you most like to illustrate and why?
Definitely my friend Milli Taylor’s, because I know how amazing her cooking is! I love the way she put ingredients together, and the flavours she creates. She’s brilliant at making her dishes look beautiful too – as she says in her book ‘we eat with our eyes’.

Can you tell us anymore about your own colouring book plans?
I’m going to print a small edition to take to a few children’s book publishers and hopefully find someone who wants to sell it for me! My plan is that, over time, I can build up a series of stories about the same character that are fun to read as well as colour in.

eleanor percival colouring in 2
I love how every illustrator featured in Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion creates such different work. Make sure you grab your copy of this limited edition colouring book once the campaign goes online on Kickstarter!

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