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Tiny Dancer by Jo Ley
Tiny Dancer by Jo Ley.

It’s not often that I get over-excited about a music artist on the basis of one video, but that is exactly what happened after hearing the soon to be released single Who Am I? from singer Tiny Dancer, a pop star in the making if ever I saw one. This exotic whirlwind hails from a small village just outside Sheffield, where a passion for music secured her a place at the local theatre school. With a look that channels the leotards, swaying moves and swinging locks of Kate Bush, and a dance floor friendly sound that is all her own, I caught up to find out what makes Tiny tick.

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Tiny Dancer by Laura Hickman
Tiny Dancer by Laura Hickman.

You describe yourself as an ‘artist having a love affair with music’ – which came first and how do the two entwine in your life?
I made a commitment to my music, music is the love of my life. It’s a relationship without the problems and it will never stop making me happy. There wasn’t really a question as to whether or not I’d be doing this, I’ve been doing it all my life so why would that change? I was making music since i was around 8 when I first sat by my dad at the guitar, I wrote my first song when I was 13 with a few basic chords on the piano. 

Tiny Dancer who am i
Tiny Dancer by Sharon Farrow
Tiny Dancer by Sharon Farrow.

You’ve already been compared with some greats: Kate Bush, Gwen Stefani, Marina & the Diamonds. Who were you listening to when you were a little girl?
I grew up listening to a lot of songs my dad would play – by The Beatles, Phil Collins, The Monkees and Genesis. Then I discovered Lene Lovich, by that time I’d lost my mind… she’s still living somewhere inside of me I’m sure. I knew at the early stages of my life I was different. I sometimes felt and still feel like I’m channelling another person or someone else lives inside me… I’m definitely being guided and watched. 

Tiny Dancer by Carley Chiu
Tiny Dancer by Carley Chiu.

Tiny Dancer by Gemma Cotterell
Tiny Dancer by Gemma Cotterell.

It’s been said that you are not another ‘winsome girl perched on a stool with an acoustic guitar‘ – how do you write?
I experience things, I write about them, and then I move on. Writing about experiences enables me to move on from them. It’s a cathartic process, and has, in many ways, changed my outlook on life as a result. My lyrics are often dark, but I’m not exactly the Tim Burton of lyrics. Darkness is supposed to be the absence of light but for me it’s a place where creativity thrives, this is the kind of darkness that inspires me to write in the way that I do. I write stories really, that’s what my songs are, short stories but I hope they enable people to create their own personal story.

Tiny Dancer by Katie Eberts
Tiny Dancer by Katie Eberts.

Tiny Dancer by Simon McLaren
Tiny Dancer by Simon McLaren.

I love your outfit in Who Am I? – how did you decide what to wear and how important is the way you dress?
You know how a child wears exactly what they want? Well that’s me. Maybe it’s difficult to understand, but I’m not fashionable. My image will forever be evolving, change is what keeps everything on it’s feet… each outfit I wear has it’s own personality, in fact you could say that my clothes control me. My favourite piece to wear is self expression, I have always wanted to wear a black fin. Face paint is also a vital part of me, paint is art and art is a form of exorcism… it adds another dimension to my performance.

Tiny Dancer by Daniel Alexander
Tiny Dancer by Daniel Alexander.

Tiny Dancer by Lea Rimoux
Tiny Dancer by Lea Rimoux.

You’ve been working with Wayne Wilkins – how does the relationship work?
Wayne is one of the most talented and genuine people you will ever meet. I’m deadly serious when I say this… When we work together, we are always in a very focused space. It’s also very much a wonderland when musical magic is born.

Tiny Dancer in orange
Who Am I? by Tiny Dancer is released by Croydon Boy on 6th May.

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