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pic-3-coco-landscapePhoto and Illustration courtesy of Briony Warren

Venturing down to Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, I downed an overpriced rum and coke before I Blame Coco came on to play.

Dressed in a waistcoat and shorts, with bare legs and Doc Martens, with smudgy, smoky eyes, she reminded me of a young Charlotte Rampling – less pristine perhaps – but the resemblance was definitely there and she just oozed that same striking bohemian style.

Ever wondered what the look ‘Hobo Chic’ actually looks like? Well Coco epitomizes the look – a look that we all want and one that if we have, we aren’t going to share with others in case they start copying it!

Although her greasy looking locks could perhaps do with a little dry shampoo, I think Alexa Chung is going to have a little competition. Coco is the antithesis of the well groomed private school kid one might picture as Sting’s daughter.


In terms of vocal sound, and having listened to her on Myspace beforehand, I was blown away hearing her sing live. Her voice is amazing, the vocals delivered in a uniquely husky, growly sort of way to mesmerizing effect. Imagine the voice of Brody Dalle and Alison Mosshart’s love child.

This cover she did with artist Natty really shows off her unique vocal sound:

The crowd seemed drawn to Coco herself – and her stunning performance – rather than to the rest of the band, although I did notice a section of the audience with nose rings staring up at the guitarist who looked like he should have been playing with NOFX.

There was a great atmosphere at this gig and the venue was full. Most of the audience knew the words to her single Caesar, with it’s catchy melody.

Leaving the gig, I got this great feeling you get once in a while when you have seen a truly great band you just know are going to be huge. Well at least for you.

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