Amelia’s Magazine | Pick Me Up 2016: A Round Up of My Favourite Finds

Pick Me Up 2016 took place earlier this year, and although I shared my best picks of the show on instagram I never got around to posting anything on Amelia’s Magazine. So here, a mere half year down the line, are my favourite finds. Enjoy!

Marie Jacotey is a French artist exploring what it means to be a girl.

George Douglas works in a pop art collage style. He is based in Scotland.

I love the folk art influenced pictures depicting jaunty “sapeurs” by Brighton based Camilla Perkins.

Beautiful, simple, evocative ink paintings by Alice Bowsher.

Fantastical bright new work by Jack Sachs takes a look at our anatomy.

I really loved detailed paintings by Aart-Jan Venema, who lives in The Hague, Netherlands.

Lenticular madness from Julian Glander, eye popping colours and surreal arrangements.

Please excuse the glare on this fab painting of pottery by Charlotte Mei (always a favourite).

Isabel & Helen is a creative partnership specialising in set design and interactive installations.

Eliza Tulip created this image for Anorak Magazine, always a great place to check out illustration talent.

A beautiful stand from Peso Press.

Mr Penfold for Grey Jam Press.

Cuckoo’s Nest was a collaborative exhibition between Beach London and The Museum of British Folklore, featuring specially created work by a number of well known artists alongside pieces from the museum’s collections. Above is a Mr Punch cutout doll by Liam Barrett.

I love this vintage fireworks poster.

This piece by Alec Doherty was inspired by the tradition of Haxey Hood.

Longsword dancing by Gaurab Thakali.

More Longsword Dancing by Rob Flowers.

Love the detail in this piece by Studio Muti, a creative studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Artist beer mat designs.

The artist known as Megamunden is based in Brighton – creating tattoo inspired artworks such as this. He is perhaps best known for his awesome tattoo inspired colouring book.

Lovely ceramics from the Clay Collective, who share a studio space in Hackney Downs Studios, East London. I love the direction Joe Rogers (who formerly created illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine) has taken with his stunning ceramics under the name Colourbox.

These are by Clay Collective founding member Sophie Alda.

This is one of a series of conceptual children’s books by Emily Rand, published by Hato Press.

Lovely work by Jack Taylor. Two by Four is an artist book featuring a colourful house construction, also published by Hato Press.

Yes! hand painted sign by Daisy Emerson at Best.

Palm trees by print and graphic designer Felicity Marshall.

Fantastic work by Claire Powell, whose work features in my colouring book, Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion. Love her anthropomorphised animals including cherries having a hug :)

All of these images first appeared on my instagram feed @ameliagregory – make sure you follow me there or on twitter to see my art finds first! (and in a slightly more timely manner…)

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