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Prepare yourselves for quirky design group KIND! Injecting a healthy dose of cool to knitwear. The latest installment to their eccentric collections makes no exceptions fusing conceptual art with fashion, in a burst of colour and activity.


The Design collaborative are no newcomers to the knitwear sphere and have been in production since 2005. Each collection showcases new and innovative styles, continually pushing the boundaries in conceptual yet functional knitwear design. KIND have been avid followers of ours here at Amelia’s magazine and vis versa, we even featured them in issue 7 ( which is still available to get your mits on by the way!) We just can’t get enough of them, so I thought it important to unleash their new S/S collection on you. So prepare your eyes for a visual feast!

The new collection banishes all recollection of winter embracing the joyous arrival of summer with a myriad of warm colours and shapes.


The brand are heavily involved in photography, interbreeding art with fashion is of paramount importance to these cool cats. Just one look at their S/S 09 lookbook validates this statement. Pieces are set against vivid tapestries reminiscent of the fundamental cubist painter Henri Matisse.


focus is on functional and wearable clothing. The collection offers all your staples from dresses,tanks, to jumpers, all in lightweight cashmeres. So perfect for those cross seasonal periods, when its too cold for a t-shirt yet too warm for a jumper.

Kind has enjoyed universal success, having stocked their collections in Labour of Love, Tatty Divine, Liberty, Collette in Paris, UK style in Moscow, Isetan in Tokyo. Gosh its making me breathless just listing them all…….


So keep your eyes open for KIND, I have a sneaking suspicion we haven’t seen the last from this eccentric bunch!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Camberwell College of Arts MA Graduate Show 2011 Review: Designer Maker and Fine Art

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House feminist disco
Illustration of a feminist icon on a paper place at the Rachael House Feminist Disco.

Now for the best of the rest that I saw on a quick whip around the Cambewell College of Arts MA shows: The MA Designer Maker Visual Arts displayed some wonderful works in a room titled Making_Makes_Me_Me, thumb an apt title given the theme of the new V&A Power of Making exhibition.

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Chieh Ting Huang
I was immediately drawn to the work of Chieh Ting Huang, buy more about who had grouped together The P Objects in semi darkness. His lighting was inspired by the lantern designs of both east and west, and the taming of fire as the cornerstone of humanity. Capturing the fragility of paper shades within elaborate wood cages, his lovely lights took on the appearance of glowing crystals.

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Yaqi Zhao
I liked the playful slip designs of ceramicist Yaqi Zhao, splashed across wide shallow bowls.

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House
Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House
Upstairs the MA in Fine Art was experiencing a takeover from Rachael House‘s Feminist Disco, dedicated to, erm, feminism – with particular reference to musical feminist icons such as the late lamented Poly Styrene.

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House feminist discoCamberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House feminist discoCamberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House feminist discoCamberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House feminist disco
Rachael House was busy playing classic tunes on her miniature decks, whilst visitors were invited to create their own feminist icon on a paper plate. ‘I didn’t want it to be all about me,’ she said. ‘What does a feminist look like?‘ enquired a square plate, and it seemed plenty of people, young and old, male and female, were willing to respond to her engaging interactive artwork.

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House feminist discoCamberwell illustration MA review 2011-Rachael House feminist disco

To top it all off the Hackney Secular Singers (a punk choir that I used to be part of) gave a rousing half hour acapella set of favourites, including Poly’s great song Germ Free Adolescents.

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Hackney Secular Singers
YouTube Preview ImageGerm Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex

Camberwell illustration MA review 2011-Max Strasser
I was also attracted to the Fortean Times inspired ephemera of Max Strasser.

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