Amelia’s Magazine | Middlesex University Graduate Fashion Designers 2013: Preview Part One

Annest Gwynedd ethical_menswear-by_gaarte
Annest Gwynedd by Gaarte.

Last week fashion students at Middlesex University held their 2013 internal fashion show, featuring work from over 100 graduating students. Some of them were then chosen by fashion world luminaries (including Louise Gray and James Long) to showcase full collections on the catwalk during Graduate Fashion Week this June: an exciting event to look forward to. Due to a mix up in timings I sadly missed the collections from the first 25 students to show: but here’s the best of those I did see, all of them possible stars of tomorrow. What a wonderful diversity of work on show!

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Annest Gwynedd
Ethical menswear by Annest Gwynedd hit a contemporary nerve with useful pockets adorning aqua and coral coloured tailored coats, and chunky knitwear details.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Rachel Chapman
Rachel Chapman‘s exotic urban look saw men sporting neon wristband ruffs, appliquéd 3D flowers on shirts and prints inspired by ancient stone carvings on parka coats.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-I.R.Walcott
I.R. Walcott‘s models wore dip-dyed high-tops to match distressed devore garments inspired by the textures of the urban environment.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Anna Giles
I loved the elegant appliqué detailing on sleek dresses by Anna Giles: in this dress the green lobes remind me of a prickly cactus.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Grace Peverall
Grace Peverall went dotty with layered body con dresses that reminiscent of all over body painting by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Marion Doreau
Marion Doreau styled her menswear with some great papermache animal heads which provided a striking focal point on the catwalk.

Kirsty Anderton 2-by_gaarte
Kirsty Anderton by Gaarte
Kirsty Anderton by Gaarte.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013 Kirsty Anderton
I don’t believe there can ever be enough over the top knitwear, and Kirsty Anderton‘s skull shaped knitted dress was a major highlight of the show.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Luke Anthony Rooney
Luke Anthony Rooney successfully mixed wild colours and textures in his sculptural outfits, topped with tiaras.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Abbie Ridler
I loved the simple styling of Abbie Ridler‘s oversized mens’ jumpers, which were resplendent with abstract motifs inspired by African designs.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Sophie Chiesa
Sophie Chiesa by Chetna Shetty
Sophie Chiesa by Chetna Shetty.

Sophie Chiesa by Cathy Hookey
Sophie Chiesa by Cathy Hookey.

Sophie Chiesa‘s discharge printed catsuit was a riot of colour, styled to great effect with over the top hair extensions that would not look out of place on a Barbie doll.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Anita Tetteh
Anita Tetteh‘s tapered powder pink harem pants were worn with cream chiffon and a pencil skirt and scalloped crop top in bold monochrome stripes were a lesson in understated elegance.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Shiri Elmekless
Tailored menswear by Shiri Elmekless featured beautiful oversized shirts with clever layers of folds and beautiful button detailing.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Sylwia Szyplik
Sylwia Szyplik took inspiration from relaxed 80s style in her cream and dove grey collection.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Christia Charalambous
Scalloped sculptural cutaway shapes were combined with geometric triangle detailing and fringed mohair by Christia Charalambous.

Read my next blog to discover the best of the rest. You saw them here first!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Middlesex University Graduate Fashion Designers 2013: Preview Part Two

Sarah Kathryn Grantham by Rebecca May Higgins
Sarah Kathryn Grantham by Rebecca May Higgins.

You’ve met my first pick of the 2013 graduating Middlesex University fashion and fashion textiles students: now meet the rest.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Jiselle Pineda
Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Jiselle Pineda 2
A tailored trio of sleek cream dresses and suiting by Jiselle Pineda featured tie detailing, high collars and a cut out back which made clever use of contrasting black fabric.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Sukpreet Kaur Jugpal
Wanita Panchal presented a brave menswear collection with a patchwork effect created from contrasting textiles on zippered loose coats, worn over drainpipe trousers and accessorised with pointy Arabian style shoes.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Jeyda Yilmaz
Jeyda Yilmaz put a pretty lilac print on a cute flared skater dress with pom-pom heeled shoes.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Jason Patrick Carvalho
Jason Patrick Carvalho presented a sweeping dress with beautiful bold styling: a golden frame and letterbox red gloves.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Sarah Kathryn Grantham
I loved stiff golden frills on ra-ra skirts by Sarah Kathryn Grantham.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Natasha Tandoh
Natasha Tandoh used great accessories to match intriguing prints on peasant inspired garments.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Eva Juhasz
Eva Juhasz mixed outsized mesh and ruffles with fiery print chiffon and woven geometric appliqué.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Kirin Atwal
Kirin Atwal‘s mainly cream collection featured panels of a striped burnt orange and black fabric that was also used in oversized holdall bags in this very professional and well styled collection.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Eliot Moran
Outsize roped knitwear by Eliot Moran was accessorised with hard knitted helmets to present an intriguing silhouette.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Charlotte Stewart
I loved the way that Charlotte Stewart matched neon tartan checks with black fabric and chunky lace up shoes: late 80s style made modern once more.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Charlotte Jones
A delicate rope work motif took centre stage in designs by Charlotte Jones.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Lisa George
Intricate pleating by Lisa George was formed into an amazing rippled all-in-one jumpsuit.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Karolina Formici
An elegant swing trench coat with tie fronted waist by Karolina Formici was worn with brogues and a stunning double rope necklace.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Ange Syret
Ange Syret presented avante grade clashing printed menswear – with tasselled headgear to match fringing on the garments.

Middlesex Fashion Graduate Show 2013-Laurence Wright
Finally, it looked as if a car crash had inspired Laurence Wright to create a clever collection which made light of injuries: wounds reinterpreted as decorative detail and accessorised with bandaged heads.

Laurence Wright by Cathy Hookey
Laurence Wright by Cathy Hookey.

I look forward to seeing what the chosen designers create for the big catwalk show at the Truman Brewery during Graduate Fashion Week in June.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Best of D&AD New Blood Illustration Graduates 2011: part two

New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett
Illustration by Katie Harnett.

The quality of work at University of the West of England really stood out – not least because ACOFI illustrator Katie Harnett has just graduated.

New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
New Blood show review 2011-katie harnett polar post
Katie Harnett showed a dreamy illustration based on a sea shanty, order and her children’s book Problems with the Polar Post – a delightful tale featuring as she said it would, website plenty of animals.

New Blood show review 2011-Liam Barrett
Liam Barrett had put together the beautiful D&AD New Blood UWE invitation, and has designed wrapping paper for Nobrow.

New Blood show review 2011-nat osborne
Natalie Osborne‘s long creature from her Elliot’s Adventure picture book was super engaging.

New Blood show review 2011-jay wright
While you were at in the Dentist by Jay Wright featured all sorts of toothy situations.

New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
New Blood show review 2011-The Highwayman Annual jacob stead
The Highwayman Annual by Jacob Stead was presented in becomingly old style – a glorious romp through all things masked robber related. Jacob has done a big feature for the current issue of Oh Comely magazine.

New Blood show review 2011-Abigail Nottingham
At Hull School of Art and Design Amelia’s Magazine contributor Abigail Nottingham showed off her impish creatures and idiosyncratic people.

New Blood show review 2011-Abby Wright
Abby Wright gave pride of place to her drawing of Fifi Bijoux that I commissioned for Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

New Blood show review 2011-Anne-Marie Jones
At University College Falmouth book covers by Anne-Marie Jones were created in a strong painterly ink style.

New Blood show review 2011-Hannah Goodacre
Hannah Goodacre‘s angular designs for book covers were also striking.

New Blood show review 2011-Cathy Hookey
I liked Cathy Hookey‘s children’s book illustration New Friends.

New Blood show review 2011-Lewis Shaw
New Blood show review 2011-New Blood show review 2011-Lewis Shaw
Lewis Shaw painted brightly coloured dogs in fluid brushstrokes. See more from these students on their very own Falmouth illustration agency website.

New Blood show review 2011-Faye Moorhouse
From UCA Maidstone Faye Moorhouse won Best New Blood for her Cat Lady of Czechoslovakia.

New Blood show review 2011-Emmanuel Okpanachi
Emmanuel Okpanachi painted lots of heads, some sat around a table for a discombobulated party.

New Blood show review 2011-Sebastian Arnold
New Blood show review 2011-Sebastian Arnold
New Blood show review 2011-Sebastian Arnold
Sebastian Arnold had put together an intriguing book, Idealised Suburbia, about Ashford being twinned with a town in Germany.

And thus concludes my 2011 New Blood coverage. Don’t forget to check in with part one of my New Blood illustration review. Enjoy!

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