Amelia’s Magazine | Graduate Fashion Show Gala Show 2014 Review

Holly Jayne Smith by Sine Skau

Holly Jayne Smith by Sine Skau.

I have been attending Graduate Fashion Week for six years now and every year I wonder how such young designers manage to be so creative. Once again the final 25 collections showcased in last week’s Gala Show were truly outstanding and revealed a wide range of talent to watch. The night began on a poignant note with a moment’s thought for the late Louise Wilson, the formidable Central Saint Martins tutor who was integral in the training of luminaries such as Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders and Mary Katrantzou. Here’s hoping that one of these finalists and winners goes on to as much success.

GFW Aimee Dunn by Gareth A Hopkins

Aimee Dunn by Gareth A Hopkins.

GFW Menswear Award: Aimee Dunn – Nottingham Trent University
I know it’s menswear but who doesn’t love stealing their boyfriends clothes? Dunn’s collection of monochrome looks were superbly put together and with Thatcher on the front of a jumper you’re never going to avoid attention. Dunn also picked up the Menswear award at the end of the evening – well deserved.

Grace Weller GFW 2014 Bath Spa Uiversity by Jenny Robins

Grace Weller by Jenny Robins.

Grace Weller by  Julie J Seo

Grace Weller by Julie J.Seo.

George Gold Award winner and GFW Womenswear Award: Grace Weller – Bath Spa University
The embroidery and workmanship that had gone into Grace’s beautiful collection of Erdem-esque floral and sheer dresses was astounding. Not only did Grace pick up the Womenswear Award but she walked away with the £10,000 Gold Award to kick start her label.

Rebecca Rimmer by Vicky Scott
Rebecca Rimmer by Vicky Scott.

Rebecca Rimmer – UCLAN
Brightly coloured clothes painted onto bigger clothes. Sounds ridiculous, works really well on the catwalk, as Rebecca Rimmer proved. Her cartoonish collection was fun and original as well as having a high impact on the audience as it closed the show.

Holly Jayne Smith by Hye Jin Chung_2

Holly Jayne Smith by Hye Jin Chung.

Holly Jayne Smith by Sine Skau

Holly Jayne Smith by Sine Skau.

Holly Jayne Smith – Birmingham City
Foot-high hats and a pop art colour palette ensured this collection caught our attention and made us rethink light blue as a staple. The models also carried co-ordinated bright sports back packs which I loved.

GFW Shan Liao Huang by Gareth A Hopkins

GFW International Winner: Shan Liao Huang by Gareth A Hopkins.

Lauren Lake – Kingston University
Coloured fur made its mark last season and Lauren Lake’s first model strode out in a huge over sized, pink fur-lined shearling coat, so it was always going to be a winner. The silver metallic skirts and block boots, pink PVC and top knots ticked all the boxes, just amazing.

Colleen Leitch – Edinburgh College of Art
80’s glamour is back in Colleen Leitch’s collection of exquisite looks brought together by scattered sequins and dark colours in draping fabrics clinched at the waist for maximum femininity.


Hannah Donkin by Jane Young.

GFW Creative Catwalk Award: Camilla Grimes – Manchester School of Art
Pink fur again, hopefully not real, (trend alert!) but this time alongside a more delicate and feminine ensemble that had hints of Jonathan Saunders about it (never a bad thing). Sheer embroidered shirts and a hooded bomber jacket were just two of the items I want in my wardrobe.

Fashion graduates of 2015, I can’t wait to see what you’ll have in store!

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2013 Ceramics and Craft: The Best Graduate Designers

Charlotte Mary Pack - critically endangered mammal in porcelain
New Designers part one plays host to large number of crafts and ceramics graduates: here’s the ones that caught my eye, starting with the work of Charlotte Mary Pack of Central Saint Martins. She grew up on a farm, which inspired an early love of nature that is manifested in her stunning porcelain models of every critically endangered mammal.

Ru Raynor ceramics characters
I adored ceramic characters designed to prompt environmental awareness by Ru Raynor, who has merged her inner hippy and nerd together to create a saleable range that is inspired by her love of vinyl toys.

Kako Oya
Ceramic artist Kako Oya explored the frailties of the human condition using the body language of rabbits.

New Designers show 2013-Charlotte Stockley Midsurrey Ceramics
Charlotte Stockley‘s Midsurrey Ceramics range would sit nicely alongside all the 50s inspired interiors design I’ve seen this year; I’m not surprised to discover that she already sells in a host of shops.

upcycled teddy bear by Ginni Jones Mansueto
This upcycled teddy bear was by designer maker Ginni Jones Mansueto.

metal plates by Sophie Jones at Hereford
Sophie Jones of Hereford College of the Arts created these intriguing distorted platters, which were forged in iron before being given an eye-catching makeover with neon spray paints.

New Designers show 2013-Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes had made these rattling ceramic dolls inspired by African and South American tribal rituals – it’s not the first time I’ve seen this kind of work from artists at Hereford College but I still can’t help but be drawn to it.

New Designers show 2013-Elizabeth Hart
These incredible ceramic pots by Elizabeth Hart at Nottingham Trent University were created with the garden in mind. I love the organic textures that seem to mimic a mixture of moss, bark and barnacles: they looked incredible filled with tumbling houseplants.

New Designers show 2013-glassbirdstudio
These beautiful glass insect wall hangings are by Georgina Foster of Glass Bird Studio, created through a combination of screen printing and sandblasting.

New Designers show 2013-Richard T Roberts glass
I’ll always be a sucker for cute animals. These wonderful glass versions of popular favourites are by Richard T Roberts.

New Designers show 2013-Bethany Lanning
Bethany Lanning‘s evisceral ceramic heads were designed as a tribute to the abused of the world – her evocative use of clay slip an echo of real life stigmatisation.

New Designers show 2013-Emma Claire Whiston
From Manchester School of Art ceramicist Emma Claire Whiston created beautiful slipware bowls decorated with slices of pattern.

New Designers show 2013-Elise Menghini
Elise Menghini of Bath Spa University made this ceramic bulb design which must have been inspired by the fairground. I really liked her witty ‘business card’ – a slice of ceramic that looked like a piece of rock candy.

George Groenhuysen ceramics
Finally, I must mention the astonishing ceramics installation by George Groenhuysen, a graduate of Kensington and Chelsea College. I unfortunately did not manage to take a photo of his cabinet full of blackened earthenware so instead here’s a shot from his promotional postcard showing a fabulous teapot encrusted with skulls.

*Many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates as I find them.*

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2013 Printed Textiles and Surface Design Graduates – The 50s Trend

New Designers show 2013-Paul Roberts
As usual there were a plethora of outstanding design graduates on show at New Designers, and I always um and ah about how I am going to split these blogs up. Should I go with themes and trends that I spotted across the show? Inevitably I’m more likely to be drawn to trends that I myself love so I can’t for one moment profess to give a full view in this respect. Should I go with type of work? It’s a tough one, because many of these designers produce designs that could cross over into many disciplines. For now I’m going to start with a review of the surface designers who were inspired by the 50s, of which there were many who caught my eye.

Surface design by Paul Roberts
At the Loughborough University stand I admired the crazy cool dog designs by mature student and former jockey Paul Roberts. I asked if he’d considered horses as a theme, but for now it seems he’s sticking to a slightly humorous 50s vibe of people and their pet dogs.

New Designers show 2013-ruth rennison
New Designers show 2013-ruth rennison
Skull by Ruth Rennison, winner of the Luciene Day award
This sheep’s skull print was produced by Ruth Rennison, winner of the Lucienne Day award. The dominance of greys and other sludgy tones give her collection a heavy feel that was very indicative of one type of 50s design: much favoured by my grandparents for interior fabrics in their Welsh cottage (still there today).

New Designers show 2013-Anna Gurrey
Leeds College of Art is always home to a plethora of great new surface designers and this year was no exception. Anna Gurrey concentrated on simple 50s style scribbles and strokes, piled onto pastel backgrounds.

50s inspired prints by lauren burke
This lovely perfume bottle pattern is by Lauren Marie Burke.

New Designers show 2013-Rose Thomasson
New Designers show 2013-Rose Thomasson 1
Rose Thomasson of Heriot-Watt University produced Scandinavian influenced geometric designs populated by birds and leaves. Scandinavian design had a big impact on 50s design across the world, with echoes still reverberating today. You can read about Rose’s placement at Tigerprint here.

New Designers show 2013-Rachel MacLeod
New Designers show 2013-Rachel MacLeod
Fellow student Rachel MacLeod made repeat prints featuring boats and houses – again the use of a muddy palette is very suggestive of the 50s.

New Designers show 2013-Sophie Berry
At Bath Spa University I liked this teasel wallpaper by Sophie Berry – a slightly more modern take this time, but still a bit 50s in the repeat use of an unusual decorative plant with curlicue detailing.

New Designers show 2013-polly rowan
Her fellow classmate Polly Rowan has an equally wonderful name. She had produced this lovely open pattern design with a beautiful quality that can only be achieved through screenprinting, but the subtle use of a zingy orange brings this design bang up to date.

New Designers show 2013-Hazharpani
Hazhar Pani from the University of Bolton took a graphic approach to his retro modern architecture inspired surface designs, which he told me have attracted a great deal of interest already.

Next up: a blog full of beautiful splashy brights and much much more. Don’t forget, many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates as I find them.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Pick Me Up Contemporary Graphic Art Fair 2012: Pick Me Up Selects Review

Pick Me Up 2012 - Zim & Zou
Pick Me Up Selects – Zim & Zou.

There is one major problem with a trip to Pick Me Up contemporary graphic art fair: the vast choice of amazing artwork. Where then does one start when writing a review, or making a purchase for the wall? From what I hear most people come away with far more than they planned to, so make sure you set yourself a realistic budget before you go in. You have been warned…

Pick Me Up 2012 -Zeloot
Pick Me Up Selects – Zeloot.

The ground floor entrance is this year devoted to Pick Me Up Selects, the work of up and coming artists who have been chosen by a group of industry insiders, including Camilla Parsons of Outline Editions, John O’Reilly of Varoom Magazine and Angharad Lewis of Grafik Magazine. I was delighted by this year’s selection, which seemed more diverse and truly representative of little known artists than has been true in previous years. Here’s my highlights: some new discoveries as well as old favourites!

Pick Me Up 2012 - Zim & Zou
First up are some stunning neon and metallic papercut artworks by a duo: Zim & Zou, who are Lucie Thomas of the UK and Thibault Zimmerman, now working together in Nancy, France.

Riikka Sormunen
It was great to see work that has a distinct if not overt fashion illustration flavour: Riikka Sormunen‘s background in fashion design is evident in her intricate narrative pictures of elegantly dressed women.

Niki Pilkington
Similarly Nikki Pilkington combines fine pencil drawn figures with colourful collaged details.

Pick Me Up 2012 -
Opposite this are pictures by Tim McDonagh, a graduate of the University of Westminster whom I raved about when I discovered him at his graduate show in 2010. I am not sure how his mind works but as this detail shows it must be a complicated place.

Yoko Furusho
Next up, another familiar face. The New York based illustrator Yoko Furusho features in my first book Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration, and her beautiful work is looking as uniquely fantastic as ever.

Sarah maycock bear
Sarah Maycock is another artist who I spotted at the Kingston University graduate show last year: I even own my very own screenprinted version of her fox! #luckyme

Pick Me Up 2012 -matthew the horse
Pick Me Up 2012 -matthew the horse
Pick Me Up 2012 -matthew the horse
Matthew the Horse is the zany pseudonym of a graduate from Bath Spa University. He is inspired by language and feelings and his very yellow collection of images is based around jobs and identities. I especially like the hyacinth bulbs and a curious monkey.

Pick Me Up 2012 -Sac Magique
There is definitely a strain of 80s inspired illustration coming through at the moment – Finnish designer Sac Magique is one example…

Pick Me Up 2012 -Martin Nicolausson
as is Swedish designer Martin Nicolausson, who veers ever more towards the surreal.

Pick Me Up 2012 -Zeloot
Pick Me Up 2012 -zeloot
I was also most taken with psychedelic work by Dutch designer Zeloot that has a distinct 60s flavour in both colour and content. She likes designing within the limitations of silk screenprinting.

Pick Me Up 2012 -Kristjana S Williams
Kristjana S Williams is the creative director of Beyond the Valley so you may well already be familiar with her magical landscapes created out of collage and metallic elements.

Pick Me Up 2012 -Sarah Beeston
Australian illustrator Sarah Beeston studied at Falmouth College of Arts before settling in London, where she became preoccupied with politics and perversities of popular culture. She is creating live portraits at Pick Me Up every day!

Pick Me Up 2012 -Yuko Michishita
S for Shells by Yuko Michishita is a beautiful example of handdrawn typography, a swirl of intricate pen lines.

And then it’s on upstairs, where a host of collectives have been invited to display their wares in the long gallery space… find out who to catch in my next instalment…. in the meantime check out my listings for recommended workshops and talks.

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Amelia’s Magazine | D&AD New Blood 2013 Review: Best Graduate Illustration and Graphic Design

Bird man by Charlotte Cox at southampton solent screenprinting
This year the D&AD New Blood graduate show was held once again in a cordoned off section of Spitalfields Market. It’s a small space with hoards of exhibiting students crammed into the tight corridors, which can make it hard to manoeuvre around when it’s busy. Most colleges had as usual opted for a simple display on plain white stands, but one in particular had pushed the boat out: Southampton Solent had hand stamped the brown boards of their Wooly Bully Illustration show stand, providing an excellent foil to large scale screen printed work, handmade badges and a high quality promotional package. Amongst a sea of stands featuring A2 printed copies of students work this was a delightfully visceral experience. One of my favourite pieces was the bird man above by Charlotte Cox. They were also handing out invites to their stand alone London show, Solstice, at the Coningsby Gallery, but I was sadly away when it took place: I hope I’ll get an earlier invite next year!

Southampton solent book
Southampton solent book
These images are from a book that was hanging on the wall, illustrator unknown.

Southampton solent - Rake
This screenprint titled Rotam Vitea features alchemical symbolism and is by the enigmatically named Rake.

Elliot Kruszynski at Bath Spa Uni - Save the forests and the animals and the wizards
And from the rest of the show, here’s the illustrations and design work that caught my eye: Elliot Kruszynski at Bath Spa University wants us to Save the Forests and the Animals and the Wizards with this wonderful atmospheric print.

Austrian folk tale by Carina Dewhurst
I didn’t get an invite to the Westminster University standalone degree show this year, which is a shame as on the strength of their small New Blood display it looks like this was a particularly talented group. This beautiful illustration is based on an Austrian folk tale, by Carina Dewhurst.

Louise Byrnes
Printed textiles by Louise Brynes
This gorgeous abstract artwork is by Louise Byrnes, who also created textile designs that reminded me of the trend for splashy abstracts that was very prevalent at New Designers. Just lush, so lush in fact that someone tried to make off with the very print shown above whilst I was there!

Carmen Lynch environmental disaster westminster uni
Carmen Lynch was inspired by environmental disasters to create this threatening yet engaging image.

These cute animals are by someone at UCLAN – unfortunately I didn’t note who as there were no labels. Then the artist responsible tweeted me, but I failed to to take a note of her name then. If it’s you, let me know!

Lunchtime atop a Tree by Rhiannon Izard at plymouth uni
Lunchtime Atop a Tree features a trio of monkeys, by Rhiannon Izard, a paper artist and illustrator from Plymouth University.

Sophia Viney's ghost
Sophia Viney goes under the name Littleinkstain – I like her ghost, which is part of a story about a dark forest inhabited by pixies, created for the BimbaGirls Comic Anthology.

New Blood design show 2013-Saif Chowdhury
Saif Chowdhury‘s fantastical characters are inspired by Japanese video games and bizarre worlds – this image was created for a story about a child on a quest to find their dead father, whilst overcoming monsters and obstacles.

Children's book by Lucy Wooler at norwich uni
This colourful children’s book by Lucy Wooler at Norwich University was inspired by a Victorian morality tale.

Bumble bee by Tori Gray at Dundee
Behold, a humble bumble bee made of type by Tori Gray at the University of Dundee.

Marco Galloway abstract dundee
Marco Galloway researched colour theory to make this great abstract illustration.

Danielle Smith ceramics
These ceramics by Danielle Smith were inspired by mysterious tales of the traveller community.

New Blood design show 2013-Dictionopolis by jame wilson
Dictionopolis by Jamie Wilson at northumbria uni
Dictionopolis tells the tale of a city of words: this beautiful hand printed concertina book by Jamie Wilson of Northumbria University simply took my breath away. I wasn’t sure where to find him online, since Jamie Wilson is apparently quite a common name for an illustrator. This seems most likely to be his home though.

Flower print by Sarah Baskeyfield at Staffordshire Uni
Shells, pineapples & flowers by Sarah Baskeyfield
These hyper colour flower, fruit and shell printed patterns are by Sarah Baskeyfield at Staffordshire University, and were standout pretty amongst all the angular graphic designs on show.

Pottery ampersand by Helen Player at staffordshire uni
This giant pottery ampersand by Helen Player was created as part of a design brief for the V&A.

Dominic Kesterton at ECA
Dominic Kesterton at Edinburgh College of Art based these designs on the linguistics of a fictional seaweed picking culture.

Alex Tait at bucks new uni
Lastly these brilliant black characters are by Alex Tait at Bucks New University.

There were lots of other interesting things on show, but I’ve been writing (or am still writing) stand alone reviews about a number of illustration degrees, so you’ll find their best work elsewhere on my site.

*Many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates and other inspiring finds as I see them.*

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Amelia’s Magazine | D&AD New Blood 2014 Review

New Blood review 2014
This year the D&AD New Blood show returned once more to Spitalfields Market. The overwhelming emphasis was on work aimed at the more commercial sector of the graphic arts, with less colleges than in previous years choosing to showcase pure illustration.

New Blood Don't be a Dick
Straight away, I picked up a copy of the Don’t be a Dick newspaper by Shellsuit Zombie, offering some salient graduate advice in a nicely edited one page form.

New Blood Southampton type
Nothing was labelled on the otherwise always excellent Solent Illustration stand, so I tried to match up artwork to illustrators using their A4 hand out and nicely produced newspaper. It wasn’t easy! And even harder to locate websites in quite a lot of cases… The funky circus inspired typography above is by Laura Hunt. Dontcha just love the word funky?

New Blood southampton
Luke Baker is responsible for this gridlocked city scene.

New Blood southampton skull
Kirby Pyle made this skull and other wooden cut outs.

New Blood southampton stencil
Hannah Bartlett’s stencilled lady looks into her looking glass.

New Blood southamption grace williams
In the newspaper: I liked this abstract image by Grace Williams.

New Blood southampton emily wilks
Emily Wilks made this cool pattern of animals and foliage. We were not officially invited but I picked up an invite to the students’ stand alone show at the Coningsby Gallery, and asked former student Jenny Robins to cover the Wooly Bully studio work in more detail… to be posted soon.

New Blood Jennifer Humphreys
These decorative blue hands by Jennifer Humphreys at Gray’s School of Art went down a storm when I shared them on instagram.

New Blood Hannah Botma
Dinosaurs in bottles were held up by the ever popular bulldog clip method, by Hannah Botma at Edinburgh College of Art.

New Blood Caitlin Parks
I was most taken by this exploding bird from Caitlin Parks, part of a series designed to draw attention to the plastics found in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

New Blood troll lips
At the University of the West of England Holly Dennis made this arresting image: the word Troll collapsing over overprinted neon lips.

New Blood 2014 -Mark Cook
At Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design the designer Mark Cook had produced this very appealing poster of fish lures.

New Blood David Hill
This tram coming up a hill is by David Hill at Sheffield Hallam University.

New Blood Emily Elvin
At Edinburgh Napier University Emily Elvin explored sleep in this rotating paper sculpture.

New Blood  By Heather McCarthy at Sussex College Hastings
At Sussex College Hastings Heather McCarthy had created some wonderful cards and posters designed to promote foreign destinations.

New Blood Dream Good by Hilary Newman
Colour, type and pattern were used to great effect in this Dream Good pamphlet by Hilary Newman at Bath Spa University.

New Blood Hipsters by Jacqueline Fryars at Blackpool & Flyde college
These hipsters are by Jacqueline Fryars at Blackpool & Flyde College. So true… beards and tattoos… everywhere. I have to say though, that it’s not the greatest to discover one of my own tweets (and that’s all) when trying to track down a student’s presence online.

New Blood Sophie Heywood
The trend for all things handmade shows no sign of abating. I like this risograph print for Handmade Studio by Sophie Heywood at UCLAN.

New Blood Midwinter Mischief by Dawn Williams
I was very sad to have missed the Middlesex University illustration show (no invite) because a small selection will never give me a full view of the talent on any one course. At New Blood I was drawn to this wonderful Midwinter Mischief fold out book by Dawn Williams.

New Blood Kayleigh Pavelin
I also liked these strong images of an African wild dog and giraffe by Kayleigh Pavelin.

New Blood Gary Curzai
Typography by Gary Curzai was clearly inspired by traditional Indian signage, but his is a fresh new update for a modern world.

New Blood David Doran
David Doran from Falmouth University already has an impressive list of clients to his name. I’m not surprised, his colourful patterned work is extremely clever and hugely engaging.

New Blood Dream Alphabet by Lauren Humphrey
Lauren Humphrey has adopted a similar curvaceous outlook, rendered in an appealing neon colour palette. I loved her humorous Dream Alphabet.

New Blood Rachel Saunders- Let's Play PeePo
The sea air must nuture illustration talent. Rachel SaundersLet’s Play Peepo! features lots of fabulous animals and foliage.

Falmouth students are also notable for their hearty online presence: I always find it intriguing how students at one college can be so incredibly useless at self promotion, whilst at another they are all on top of it. Can it all be solely down to talent that so many Falmouth students are doing well professionally before graduation? Maybe, but it doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there, and the sooner the better.

New Blood Necklace by Kristi Minchin
This quirky and colourful laser cut necklace is by Kristi Minchin at Arts University Bournemouth, who had also created a bizarre greeting machine replete with waving hands. I will be covering other discoveries at their High Noon stand alone show in another blog post.

New Blood Annabel Davis cats
Daft but brilliant. Annabel Davis imagines kittens and cats as kings and queens.

New Blood Strange animals by Dan Widdowson
These strange animals are by Dan Widdowson.

New Blood Lauren Rothery at Plymouth Uni
Lauren Rothery at Plymouth University had created these pamphlets with titles such as ‘How to Interact Socially.’

New Blood Norwich uni
I really liked the little hand out sheets about artists at Norwich University of the Arts: a nice touch.

New Blood Oddities by Tim Blann
These oddities are by Tim Blann, who has an appealingly blobby style.

New Blood Chris Shuttleworth - Learn to Sail
New Blood Shuttlefingers Pitch a Tent
Chris Shuttleworth at Leeds College of Art made these eye catching promotional posters adorned with the slogans Learn to Sail and Pitch a Tent.

New Blood staffordshire dogs
Finally, I didn’t record the name of the designer behind these marvellous pink Staffordshire Dogs. Sorry!

The hall was buzzing on my visit to New Blood, and I thought it interesting to hear from one graduate that it was a great opportunity for her to meet all the other students she had been following online for so long. Times have changed! How wonderful that nowadays the most engaged illustrators can discover and friend each other from across the UK before they have even graduated. Just think of the potential work partnerships.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Art & Design Show 2014: Fine Art Exhibition Review

Free range lydia reeves
Dominance, Power and Serene Harmony (1) by Lydia Reeves.

It’s late I know, but I have just one more review left from a summer of graduate shows; the Free Range Art & Design Show Fine Art exhibition at the Truman Brewery. This is always a mixed bag but there were many things to delight at this year’s show.

Free Range Marjan Saberi, Renunciation
At Northumbria University show Marjan Saberi took a modern view of Renunciation with life size paintings grabbing the viewer at the entrance.

Free Range Max Harrison
It was not saying anything particularly new but I could not help but be drawn to Max Harrison’s huge splatter paint installation.

Free Range Sean Halcrow-cook installation
Sean Halcrow-Cook used wigs, extrusions and kitsch oddments to create an outsized site specific installation in the light well. It shouldn’t have worked but it somehow did.

Free Range Ryan Dovenor
Ryan Dovenor used delicate lines on black to create whirling sliced hypnotic illustrations.

Free Range Dogs, by Liam Sanders
Dogs were the theme for a large painting by Liam Sanders.

Free Range installation by Emma Trenchard
Oddly beautiful light installation by Emma Trenchard.

Free Range newcastle poster
I particularly loved the hand screen printed posters for the Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show, where a certain abstract style prevailed that I was drawn to.

Free Range Phil Frankland
Phil Frankland’s globes of juicy colour were slashed and rearranged into oddly familiar shapes.

Free Range Joseph Christa Michael
Joseph Christa Michael’s abstractions reminded me of paintings by Francis Bacon: fleshy with meat colouring.

Free Range newcastle 2
Free Range newcastle
I sadly did not get the names of all the artists at Newcastle but I liked the paintings above too. Get in touch if you know who I should credit them to!

Free range traci moss
Free range traci moss buttons
Free range traci moss animals
Northbrook College put on another strong exhibition. I was very intrigued by this curious little button person by Traci Moss. She also stuffed and dressed a variety of large animals to bold effect.

Free Range Hannah Lucy Whitlock
Hannah Lucy Whitlock’s splurgy daubs tapped into a popular aesthetic this year.

Free range Laura Patience
These chewed-up sweets spilling out of a stuffed chick are a commentary on the use of colour to make the repugnant appealing, by Laura Patience.

Free range Megan Ilet Mackie
Megan Ilet Mackie recycled old crockery for her toppling towers.

Free range Birds by Penni Pierce
These tactile ceramic birds are by Penni Pierce at University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury.

free range bath spa
This was at the entrance to the Bath Spa University exhibition space when I looked around – not a good look!

Free range Abigail Winter
Abigail Winter pictured friends and family in a gigantic photorealist paintings.

Free range toby lennox hilton
Toby Lennox Hilton made pixelated art inspired by digital images gone wrong. Grrrr, I know this pain all too well.

Free range Charlotte Lewis fabric tunnel
Charlotte Lewis created this colourful fabric tunnel.

free range painting
I really really loved these paintings by Becky Dodds, who is inspired by the transient nature of landscapes. The paint seems to be transforming in front of the viewer’s eyes and is just beautiful up close.

free range notes
Free range moon
Betty Hall really opened her heart in this anecdotal collection of miniature artworks.

Free range lydia reeves penis
Arts University Bournemouth students were notable for their professional online presence: other fine art courses could learn a thing or two. Lydia Reeves‘ loving depictions of penises are not for those of a nervous disposition, but I find them oddly beautiful.

Free range kerry fairclough
Kerry Fairclough’s kitsch paintings depict the everyday elements of life with deep affection. An Englishman’s Home is His Castle indeed.

Free range sam taylor
For Sam Taylor Size Matters, in this surreal manifestation of strange creatures with peculiar phallas cavorting on an altar.

Finally, I fell for this moving light installation by Sophie Newton, with a projection on rounded objects that reminded me of eyeballs and jellyfish.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Best of D&AD New Blood Illustration & Graphic Design Graduates 2012: part one

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Ivana Thomas
Image by Ivana Thomas.

This year the New Blood graduate talent show eschewed the lofty halls of Free Range at the Truman Brewery and relocated to a cramped custom built exhibition space in Spitalfields Market. I popped down to do a bit of talent spotting on the night the awards winners were announced so it was immensely busy, making it hard enough for the average punter to get around and doubly so for me since I had brought Snarfle in his pram. As usual this was a huge show so I have left out the work by colleges whose stand alone exhibitions I visited at a later date but this still leaves me with a huge amount to share… and it’s taking me forever to get these blogs online (Snarfle, again). It also takes ages to get everything together but I think it’s really important to include as much information about the designers and illustrators as possible, so that any prospective employers can track them down should they want to.

Because illustration and graphic design are becoming ever more entwined I’ve decided to blog about them together. Here we go….

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Richard Sweeney
At Burton and South Derbyshire College Richard Sweeney showcased his branding skills with this confident piece of artwork for the Dam Busters, created for the Derwent Dam Museum.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Melissa Preston
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Melissa Preston
The crafting influence on graphic design continues apace at this year’s shows: at Edinburgh Napier University graphic designer Melissa Preston embroidered Money Can’t Buy Me Love and other slogans on cotton.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -chris cole
Loved this multi image plane print for the RAF Museum by Chris Cole from Norwich University of the Arts.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -joe smith
New Blood graduate show 2012 -joe smith
There was some live action at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the form of a twitter message chalk board by Joe Smith, graphic communicator.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Alex Johnson
Beautiful typography on old fashioned packaging by Alex Johnson.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Eliot Wyatt
There was some very promising artwork on display at Bath Spa University so I was very sad to see that I missed their stand alone show at the Rochelle School. Eliot Wyatt asked whether gangs are defined by what they do or the way they look? Delightful illustrations in very fashionable slightly off neon colours (the risograph influence).

New Blood graduate show 2012 Tess Redburn
Tess Redburn‘s colourful lithographic print also caught my eye.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Melissa Leiva
I liked expressionistic portraits by Melissa Leiva at the American Intercontinental University.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Hannah Bartlett
Paper cutting was alive and well with Hannah Bartlett at Carmarthenshire College. Check out also her jellybean poster!

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Ruth Wood
More 3D paper cutting on a poster at Nottingham Trent by Ruth Wood.

New Blood graduate show 2012 Maddy Crampton
Sussex Coast College Hastings showcased typographic interpretations of bird sounds by Maddy Crampton.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Kirsty Turpie
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Kirsty Turpie
The Waitress by Kirsty Turpie at University of Dundee was a worthy winner of a Best New Blood award.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Megan Elizabeth Taylor
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Megan Elizabeth Taylor
Megan Elizabeth Taylor painted these intriguing figures at Glasgow School of Art. So badly mounted though… tut tut.

New Blood graduate show 2012 Gabriella Marcella DiTano
New Blood graduate show 2012 Gabriella Marcella DiTano
New Blood graduate show 2012 Gabriella Marcella DiTano
Gabriella Marcella DiTano won Best New Blood with her outstanding display of 80s influenced artworks. Love that cassette tape packaging vibe she’s got going on.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Megan Brooks
At University College Falmouth Megan Brooks created a response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria – a decorative pattern that on closer inspection was revealed to bbe 10,000 hands raised in the V for Victory sign – each representing a protestor who has died in the crackdown. She has projected 10,000 Syrians onto buildings to raise awareness and is another Best New Blood winner. NB – I love a description next to a piece of work, makes it so much easier to understand (and to describe to my readers).

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Joanna Halpin
Joanna Halpin chose the decline of bees in Britain as the subject of her appealing graphic poster.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Kudzai Dyirakumunda
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Kudzai Dyirakumunda
Kudzai Dyirakumunda london riots news block New Blood graduate show 2012 -Kudzai Dyirakumunda
I was immediately drawn in by Kudzai Dyirakumunda‘s work, London Riots, on the stand from The Arts University College at Bournemouth – inspired by egalitarian commentary gleaned from twitter and featuring wooden blocks engraved with quotes, shattered glass, riot helmeted police, and stunning typography – another deserving New Blood winner.

New Blood graduate show 2012 Blaire Frame
Blaire Frame created this lovely graphic collaged poster at University of Wolverhampton.

New Blood graduate show 2012 Juliet Bankes
New Blood graduate show 2012 Juliet Bankes
Yet another one of my picks chimed with the New Blood judging panel: Juliet Bankes at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College (part of De Montfort University) displayed Memory and Preserving V. In these she deconstructed the meaning of simple objects – spatulas and serving spoons from a manor house are embedded with lives past: home produce grown on an allotment, the old village ways.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Ivana Thomas
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Ivana Thomas
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Ivana Thomas
I also absolutely adored curvaceous illustrations by Ivana Thomas, who took inspiration from Slovak proverbs which have an equivalent in English such as ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.’

More coming up soon!
Read my second blog review of New Blood 2012 here.
Read my third blog review of New Blood 2012 here.

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